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Currently Kawasaki is offering 36 new motorcycle models in the Philippines. The Kawasaki Dominar 400, Kawasaki Rouser RS200, Kawasaki Barako II are the most popular motorcycles from Kawasaki in their respective motorcycle segments.

Kawasaki Philippines has a line-up of 1 Scooter (Kawasaki Versys 1000), 8 Sport (Kawasaki Dominar 400, Ninja 400, Z650, Ninja 650, Z250SL, Ninja 300, Ninja ZX-6R, Ninja ZX-25R), 5 Cruiser (Kawasaki W175, Vulcan S, Vulcan 900 Custom, W250, Z900RS), 1 Off Road (Kawasaki KLX230), 6 Super Sport (Kawasaki Z1000 R Edition, Ninja ZX-14R, Ninja ZX-10R, Ninja 1000, Ninja H2, Ninja ZX-10RR), 4 Touring (Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Vaquero, GTR 1400, Versys 650, Versys X), 10 Street (Kawasaki Rouser RS200, Barako II, Rouser 200NS, CT150, Rouser NS160, CT100, KSR Pro, Z125, W800, CT125), 1 Moped (Kawasaki Fury 125), 1 Cafe Racer (Kawasaki Z900RS). Zigwheels provides you the Kawasaki Philippines price list for September 2020, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities.

About Kawasaki Philippines

Kawasaki Motors Philippines Corporation (KMPC or Kawasaki Philippines) is a subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. under the Motorcycle and Engine division. It manufactures motorcycle/motorcycle parts, and bicycle/bicycle parts.

During 1962, Kawasaki engineers were developing a four-stroke engine for small cars. Then some of the engineers transferred to the Meguro factory to work on the Meguro K1 and the SG, a single-cylinder 250cc OHV. In 1963, Kawasaki and Meguro merged to form Kawasaki Motorcycle Co., Ltd. Kawasaki motorcycles from 1962 through 1967 used an emblem that can be described as a flag within a wing.

Kawasaki Philippines is also the official distributor and assembler of Bajaj in the Philippines. Kawasaki Motors Philippines Corporation, located in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, is in charge of production and distribution of Kawasaki Motors in the Philippines.

Kawasaki Aircraft initially manufactured motorcycles under the Meguro name, having bought an ailing motorcycle manufacturer, Meguro Manufacturing with whom they had been in partnership. This eventually became Kawasaki Motor Sales. Some early motorcycles display an emblem with "Kawasaki Aircraft" on the fuel tank.

In its 50 years of stay in the Philippines, Kawasaki has successfully carved a niche that is grounded in hard work and a reputation for sterling excellence. These very same qualities defined the early beginnings of Kawasaki starting with the partnership between J.V. Del Rosario and Sakata Shokai, Ltd. when they founded Delsa Industrial Corporation in 1968. In 1974, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. (KHI) acquired a stake in the company, which later changed its name to Kawasaki Motors (Phils.) Corporation. KHI again cemented its presence in the Philippines when it took controlling stock of the company in 1996.

One of the very first production motorcycles, the Wind 125 was the first in the Philippines market to feature front disc brake and the conventional transmission (one down and four up with a clutch) as compared to the rotary transmissions found on most underbone and tricycle model motorcycles. The front head cowl conceals a set of functional clocks that provide motorcycle speed, engine revolution counter, odometer, and fuel gauge. The Wind 125 retails for P54,000.

Apart from the Wind, Kawasaki also introduced the Byk 100 is the entry-level motorcycle of Bajaj. The defining feature of the Bajaj's motorcycle is the head cowl which is also present in the Byk100. The Byk 100 uses a drum brake system for the front and a rotary type transmission with a clutch. 

Kawasaki Motorcycle Philippines Price List 2020

Kawasaki motorcycle prices start at ₱41,900 for the most inexpensive model CT100 and goes up to ₱1.64 Million for the most expensive motorcycle model Kawasaki Ninja H2.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Models Price List
Kawasaki Dominar 400 ₱175,000
Kawasaki Rouser RS200 ₱125,000
Kawasaki Barako II ₱87,500
Kawasaki Ninja 400 ₱315,000
Kawasaki Rouser 200NS ₱99,900
Kawasaki W175 ₱130,000
Kawasaki CT150 ₱52,900
Kawasaki Vulcan S ₱415,000
Kawasaki Z650 ₱410,000
Kawasaki Ninja 650 ₱426,000
Kawasaki Z1000 R Edition ₱685,000
Kawasaki Rouser NS160 ₱92,000
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R ₱910,000
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R ₱820,000
Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ₱655,000
Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom ₱620,000
Kawasaki Z250SL ₱185,000
Kawasaki Fury 125 ₱65,400 - ₱74,900
Kawasaki CT100 ₱41,900 - ₱47,900
Kawasaki KSR Pro ₱105,000
Kawasaki Ninja 300 ₱265,000
Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Vaquero ₱860,000
Kawasaki Z125 ₱120,000
Kawasaki GTR 1400 ₱890,000
Kawasaki Ninja H2 ₱1.5 - ₱1.64 Million
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR ₱1.36 Million
Kawasaki W800 ₱535,000
Kawasaki Versys 650 ₱450,000
Kawasaki Versys X ₱270,000
Kawasaki CT125 ₱50,900
Kawasaki W250 ₱300,000
Kawasaki Z900RS ₱630,000 - ₱642,000
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R ₱672,000
Kawasaki KLX230 ₱190,000
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R ₱410,000

Kawasaki Scooter Philippines Price List 2020

Kawasaki scooter prices start at ₱700,000 for the model Kawasaki Versys 1000.

Kawasaki Scooter Models Price list
Kawasaki Versys 1000 ₱700,000

Upcoming Kawasaki Motorcycles Price List

Upcoming Kawasaki motorcycles in the Philippines include the Kawasaki Z400.

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There are 435 authorized Kawasaki motorcycle dealers across 218 cities in the Philippines.

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  • P
    Phillip Sep 14, 2020 for Kawasaki Z900RS

    I love scramblers a lot. The Ducati Scrambler was my favorite of all time and thought nothing could come close to it. But then I came to know about the Kawasaki Z900RS. Now, for anyone of you seeing this bike for the first time, you might not consider it to be a full-on scrambler. But I see it as the Read More 12

  • P
    Phillip Sep 14, 2020 for Kawasaki W250

    Now, let me come out and say this - the Kawasaki W250 is almost identical to the W800 in terms of the experience. I have driven the W800 a couple of times and own the W250 now and I can tell you, apart from the small engine and lower power, there is no difference in the feel at all. This Read More 6

  • P
    Phillip Sep 14, 2020 for Kawasaki CT125

    How can a person normally define a commuter motorcycle? Manageable, light, efficient, affordable? Well, for the Kawasaki CT125, all of these points are true. I have been using commuter bikes for a very long time, but my latest experience has been with the CT125. Believe me on this, it provides a feel of a 150cc motorcycle but feels light and Read More 18

  • D
    Diego Sep 14, 2020 for Kawasaki Versys X

    I never had a big budget before buying a bike. However, I did have a specific set of requirements. I had a strange love towards adventure tourers since my weekend rides were pretty long. The Kawasaki Versys X was the perfect option for it. It is nothing less than a big motorcycle toned down to 300cc engine and body. It Read More 6

  • P
    Phillip Sep 14, 2020 for Kawasaki Versys 650

    I have been on a few long road trips on a motorcycle and have tried quite a few adventure tourers. However, the Kawasaki Versys 650 is my ultimate facourite. I am not very tall and most motorcycles like this have a high seat height. Luckily, the Versys 650 isn’t the highest among others and is pretty comfortable too. Actually, it Read More 11