Kawasaki Rouser NS160: A fun streetfighter for Php 85,000

Kawasaki Rouser NS160: A fun streetfighter for Php 85,000

If you park a fully faired motorcycle and a naked streetfighter side by side in a public place, chances are that the former will attract more eyeballs. But this doesn’t mean that the naked bikes are not engaging and enticing. They have their own charm that maybe only a handful of people would adore. Here in the Philippines, we have got a number of affordable naked bikes that offer a mix of good looks, thrilling performance, and applaudable fuel efficiency. One such bike is the Kawasaki Rouser NS160.

Kawasaki Rouser NS160 Front Angular

Kawasaki has got 4 bikes in its Rouser series - Rouser 200NS, Rouser RS200, Rouser NS160, and Rouser NS200 FI. Basically, the 200NS, NS160, and NS200 FI are quite similar to each other in terms of design and equipment whereas the RS200 has a different styling with a familiar engine. Out of all the four Rouser motorcycles, it’s the NS160 that’s the most affordable and a fun streetfighter for Php 85,000.

Kawasaki Rouser NS160 Engine

The Kawasaki Rouser NS160 specs sheet shows a 160.3 cc single-cylinder 4-valve oil-cooled engine that produces a healthy 15.2 hp at 8,500 rpm and 14.6 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. It is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. What makes this engine special and different from that of the others in this segment is its DTS-i (Digital Twin Spark ignition) technology. So, instead of one, there are two spark plugs which make sure the combustion inside the cylinder is proper and quicker with minimal fuel wastage. As a result, both the performance and fuel efficiency of the engine increases and the tailpipe emissions are also reduced. Combine this with the state-of-the-art multi-map CDI and you have got yourself a very crisp and precise throttle response.

Kawasaki Rouser NS160 Instrument Cluster

When it comes to the looks, the Rouser NS160 is one of the best looking bikes in the category. It features a small yet sharp headlight that looks very aggressive. The design of its fuel tank is very sporty and there is proper space for the rider to grip the tank with his/her legs. The belly pan along with the stylish alloy wheels make the bike look very attractive from the side. There is a modern split seat set up. The rear end has a familiar taillight unit with a short and sporty tail tidy. However, the Kawasaki Rouser NS160 might look a bit odd from behind because of the underbelly exhaust unit.

Kawasaki Rouser NS160 Oil Cooling


Even though the Rouser NS160 comes with clip-on handlebars, its riding stance is not that aggressive. Yes, you will be sitting a bit forward biased but it is nowhere as demanding as, let’s say R15’s riding stance. The clip-on handlebars give a sporty and racing character and feel without compromising on the rider’s comfort. This means that you can even use this streetfighter to cover long distances without too many issues. Also, the 12-litre fuel tank would help you in crunching more miles before stopping to refuel.

Kawasaki Rouser NS160 Front Disk Brake

However, the ride quality is a bit on the firmer side because of the tuning of the rear monoshock suspension. This allows you to handle corners like a pro but takes a toll on your back on not so smooth roads. Another feature on the NS160 that improves its handling is the perimeter frame. It keeps the bike rock-solid and well planted on the twisties and also enhances its flick-ability to filter through the traffic.


Available only in red, the Kawasaki Rouser NS160 price of Php 85,000 is quite balanced. You get a naked streetfighter with great looks, potent engine, and good fuel efficiency. It is easy on the pocket with no so heavy maintenance expenses. If you want an affordable fun streetfighter bike, the NS160 is the right choice for you.

Abhishek Katariya

Abhishek Katariya

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Transmission Type Manual
Front Brake Disc
Ground Clearance -
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