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Find the list of Scooter Motorcycles in the Philippines. There are a total of 68 models available in the Philippines. Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kymco and SYM are the most popular Scooter Motorcycles brands in the country. If we talk about the best Scooter Motorcycles models then Honda Click 125i, Yamaha Nmax, Yamaha Aerox 155, Honda Click 160 and Honda PCX160 are among the most popular Scooter in the segment. The cheapest is NWOW ARS 2023 for ₱34,000 and the most expensive one is Yamaha TMAX Techmax 2023 for ₱849,000 . To know the complete price list in your city, promos, variants, specs, photos, fuel consumption and reviews, please select your desired Motorcycles models from the list below.

Best Scooter 2023 Philippines

Model Price List
Honda Click 125i ₱80,900
Yamaha Nmax ₱151,900
Yamaha Aerox 155 ₱124,000 - 145,000
Honda Click 160 ₱122,900
Honda PCX160 ₱133,900 - 151,900
Yamaha Xmax ₱299,500
Suzuki Burgman Street ₱82,400
Honda ADV160 ₱164,900
Honda X-ADV ₱839,000
Yamaha Mio i 125 ₱77,900 - 80,400
Yamaha Mio Gear ₱77,400 - 82,400
Honda BeAT ₱70,900 - 73,900
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68 Scooter Motorcycles

  • Honda Click 125i
    Honda Click 125i
    ₱80,900 SRP Price Manila
    Click 125i Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Yamaha Nmax
    Yamaha Nmax
    ₱151,900 SRP Price Manila
    Nmax Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Yamaha Aerox 155
    Yamaha Aerox 155
    ₱124,000 - 145,000 SRP Price Manila
    Aerox 155 Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Honda Click 160
    Honda Click 160
    ₱122,900 SRP Price Manila
    Click 160 Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Honda PCX160
    Honda PCX160
    ₱133,900 - 151,900 SRP Price Manila
    Honda PCX160 Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Yamaha Xmax
    Yamaha Xmax
    ₱299,500 SRP Price Manila
    Xmax Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Suzuki Burgman Street
    Suzuki Burgman Street
    ₱82,400 SRP Price Manila
    Burgman Street Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Honda ADV160
    Honda ADV160
    ₱164,900 SRP Price Manila
    Honda ADV160 Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Honda X-ADV
    Honda X-ADV
    ₱839,000 SRP Price Manila
    X-ADV Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Yamaha Mio i 125
    Yamaha Mio i 125
    ₱77,900 - 80,400 SRP Price Manila
    Mio i 125 Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Yamaha Mio Gear
    Yamaha Mio Gear
    ₱77,400 - 82,400 SRP Price Manila
    Mio Gear Price Get Exclusive Promos 2 Variants
  • Honda BeAT
    Honda BeAT
    ₱70,900 - 73,900 SRP Price Manila
    BeAT Price Get Exclusive Promos 3 Variants
  • About Scooter Motorcycles in Philippines

    All leading two-wheeler manufacturers have their presence in the Philippines scooter market. Some of them have multiple products to plug into all the sub-segments. There are 67 models of scooter motorcycles available in the Philippines. Besides established players like Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha, the Philippines scooter motorcycle market also has budget entrants like NWow and Kymco.

    The Honda Click 125i, Yamaha Sniper 155, Yamaha Nmax, Honda ADV 160, Yamaha Mio i125, and the Honda Click 160 are some of the most popular scooters in the Philippines. The 2023 NWow Golden Butterfly 2, priced at ₱25,000 is the cheapest vehicle in this segment, while the 2023 Yamaha TMAX Techmax, priced at ₱849,000, is the most expensive. The complete price list, promos, specs, photos, variants, along with fuel consumption numbers and reviews are given below.

    Scooter market in the Philippines

    The country has one of the most vibrant markets for two-wheelers in Southeast Asia. It's the fifth largest two-wheeler market in the world and has recorded phenomenal growth over the last three years, courtesy the increasing demand for personalized micro-mobility, reduced battery prices, and exciting offers from manufacturers. The market is expected to hit a new record in 2023 with sales breaching the 2.5 million milestone for the first time.  Sales trend in the first quarter of 2023 supports the expectation with a growth of over 16 percent. All segments have witnessed rapid growth, with sales of both scooters and motorcycles up 23.9 percent and 22.2 percent respectively. Honda is leading the pack with sales up by 21.2 percent, followed by Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.

    Best Scooters in the Philippines

    All leading manufacturers are introducing new scooters at regular intervals. The range has widened since the last few years. While there are maxi-scooters at the top-end that have motorcycle-type features, the entry-level segment has more practical and utilitarian products.

    Honda Click 125i

    The Honda Click 125i is a versatile daily-use scooter that has earned immense popularity in the Philippines. It's the go-to scooter for commuters and delivery riders. It's a very practical two-wheeler that comes with sporty looks. It has a huge appeal among young riders. Honda has introduced the Matte Pearl Crater White color scheme which has enhanced the modern and sporty look of the 2023 Honda Click 125i.

    The scooter is equipped with a liquid-cooled, 125cc engine which produces 11PS maximum power and 11Nm peak torque. The motor is mated to a CVT. The 2023 Honda Click 125i boasts of various other features, including an 18-liter U-box for carrying essentials. The scooter has all-round LED headlights and taillamps, a digital instrument panel, and sporty muffler design with an aluminum end cap.
    The Honda Click 125i is one of the most fuel efficient scooters. It returns a mileage of around 54kmpl. The suspension is strong and can handle reasonable loads. It's easy to negotiate the compact scooter on packed streets.

    Yamaha Sniper 155

    The Yamaha Sniper 155 is one of the longest-serving bikes in the Philippines. It has been on sale since 2004. The 2023 Yamaha Sniper 155 is an all-out commuter bike meant for the working class. But it's still a great combination of sportiness and its design is crafted for a bit of casual street racing. More on the moped side than a true-blue motorcycle, the Yamaha Sniper 155 is a legend in its own right in the Philippines underbone segment. It's available in two variants.

    The bike is hauled by a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 155c engine which produces 15PS maximum power and 14Nm peak torque. The motor is mated to a 5-speed transmission. Though the Yamaha Sniper 155 is a utilitarian bike, it still gets a decent amount of features like LED headlamp and tail lamp, indicator lights, and a modern touch on the digital instrument cluster. The two-wheeler handles nicely on urban roads.

    Honda ADV 160

    The Honda ADV 160 is a new entrant to the Philippines maxi-scooter market. The 2023 Honda ADV 160 was introduced in October 2022. The Japanese automobile major equipped the scooter with adventure-ready styling and advanced features to get a competitive edge. The 2023 Honda ADV 160 sports an adventure-ready styling and comes with advanced features. But it's ultimately a very capable two-wheeler meant for urban commuting.

    The 2023 Honda ADV 160 is equipped with a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 160cc engine which produces 16PS maximum power and 14Nm peak torque. The motor is mated to a V-Belt automatic transmission. The telescopic front fork and the rear twin shock absorbers improve the ride quality. Honda has equipped both wheels with disc brakes to improve the scooter's safety. While the Honda combi-braking system comes as standard, antilock braking is optional.

    The Honda ADV 160 maxi-scooter has a mileage of 45kmpl. Honda's Idling Stop System (ISS) further improves the fuel efficiency. The scooter handles well on all road conditions. The ADV 160's moderate off-road capability makes it a nice adventure touring scooter as well.

    Yamaha Mio i125

    The Yamaha Mio i125 has been a bestseller in the Philippines underbone category, since its debut in 2007. It's a youthful and fun to ride scooter. The 2023 Yamaha Mio i125 comes with some great features like halogen headlamp and tail lamp. It has a nice-looking analog gauge cluster. The wheel design looks sporty and complements the overall look.

    The 2023 Yamaha Mio i25 comes in two versions. Both are equipped with an air-cooled, 125cc, single-cylinder engine which produces 9PS maximum power and 10Nm peak torque. The motor is mated to Yamaha's V-belt automatic transmission.

    Despite being a minimal and practical scooter, Yamaha offers an optimal ride quality with the Mio i25. The 14-inch wheels strike a great balance. The suspension is soft and pretty much absorbs everything that comes under its wheels. The Yamaha Mio i125 is a great two-wheeler for urban commuting. Yamaha's Blue Core engine maximizes fuel efficiency.  

    Honda Click 160

    Honda has an enviable portfolio of small-displacement scooters that are popular not only in the Philippines but the entire Southeast Asia. The Japanese automobile major introduced the Click 160, a functional scooter with a sporty look, in July 2022. Honda, in fact, has worked on the Click 160's look. The scooter retains Honda's dynamic styling from larger bikes. The bodywork is crisp and pointed. The fascia makes the 2023 Honda Click 160 an aggressive looker.

    The two-wheeler comes with a very potent engine. The liquid-cooled, 157cc, single-cylinder engine produces 15PS maximum power and 14Nm peak torque. 

    The 2023 Honda Click 160 gets a combi-braking system. The idling stop improves fuel efficiency, which Honda claims is 47kmpl. An all-round LED lighting system improves the scooter's overall appeal.

    The 2023 Honda Click 160's ride quality is good and well-balanced. It's a capable long distance performer as well.

    Electric Scooters In Philippines

    The impact of climate change can't be overemphasized and all leading two-wheeler manufacturers have introduced at least one electric scooter in Philippines while more are in the pipeline. The Philippines e-scooter market was valued at $1.9 million in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 158.6 percent during the 2021-2030 period. 

    Upcoming Scooters Models

    2024 Honda Grazia 125 Repsol Edition

    This scooter is expected to be launched in the later part of 2023. It'll have a 123.97cc engine. The 2024 Honda Grazia 125 Repsol Edition is intended to be a sporty commuter scooter.

    2024 Vespa GTS Super 300 HPE

    Hauled by a 278cc engine that outputs 24PS maximum power, the 2024 Vespa GTS Super 300 HPE is one of the most powerful scooters in its category. It'll have the typical vintage Vespa look. The scooter is slated for a late-2023 debut.

    2024 Honda Forza NSS350 

    The 2024 Honda Forza NSS350 promises to be a maxi-scooter like no other. It'll be hauled by a 330cc engine, tuned to output 30PS maximum power and 31Nm peak torque. The scooter will come with a host of features and is expected to debut later in 2023.

    2024 Honda Forza NSS350

    A compact and practical scooter, the 2024 Honda Forza NSS350 will be introduced in 2023 or early 2024. With a claimed city mileage of 47kmpl, the new Honda Forza promises to be one of the most fuel efficient two-wheelers in its category.

    2024 Suzuki Burgman Street

    This scooter is already present in the market and Suzuki is all set to introduce its updated version. The Burgman Street is among the most popular daily commuting scooters. It has a claimed mileage of 55kmpl.

    2024 Yamaha Rayzr 125 FI Hybrid

    The 2024 Yamaha Rayzr 125 FI Hybrid will be launched in the beginning of 2024. It'll have a sophisticated hybrid system to provide optimum fuel efficiency. Yamaha claims that the scooter will return a mileage of 71kmpl. 

    2024 Hero Maestro Edge 110 BS6

    A basic, commuter-class scooter, the 2024 Hero Maestro Edge 110 BS6 will hit the roads later in 2023. It will be powered by a 110cc engine. The scooter will have a sleek and sporty body with aerodynamic styling and sharp lines.

    2024 Piaggio Beverly 400 S Euro 5

    With a 400cc engine that promises to beat even some of the entry-level motorcycles in performance. It'll be a feature-loaded maxi-scooter and will have ABS and traction control.

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    What are the best Scooter in the Philippines?

    Based on price, specs and features, some of the best Scooter Motorcycles are Honda Click 125i, Yamaha Nmax, Yamaha Aerox 155 and Honda Click 160.

    Which is the cheapest Scooter Motorcycles in Philippines?

    The cheapest Scooter Motorcycles in Philippines NWOW ARS at ₱34,000 . Check other Popular Scooter Motorcycles.

    Which are the most expensive Scooter Motorcycles in Philippines?

    The most expensive Scooter Motorcycles in Philippines are Yamaha TMAX Techmax, Honda X-ADV, Yamaha TMAX and KTM 250 SX-F.

    Which are the latest Scooter Motorcycles in Philippines?

    The latest Scooter Motorcycles in Philippines are Vespa Primavera, Suzuki Burgman Street 125 EX, Bristol Vantaggio and Bristol ADX 160.
  • Scooter Motorcycles User Reviews

    • Daily commuter with optimal ride handling

      Whether you want to save on your two-wheeler purchase or enjoy the exhilaration that comes with the bike, the Click 125i is an ideal choice. Its sharper front fascia and prominent side lines take the look up by several notches. Equipped with full LED front headlamps and tail lights, illumination is decent and will allow you to ride in dark

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      Francis May 09, 2023 for Honda Click 125i
    • A good scooter no doubt, but too costly

      Yamaha is one of my favorite brands I can’t deny and their scooters are generally solid. The build quality is awesome and the scooters are generally quite powerful to ensure you don’t have any trouble in city traffic. For me particularly, the design element of this scooter seems a bit off. The unnecessarily futuristic design element is not my cup

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      Cristian May 16, 2023 for Yamaha Nmax
    • Makes my daily commute enjoyable

      I had graduated from college, and I was searching for an aggressive and sporty scooter that could impress me with its style and dynamics, and mio-aerox has done that perfectly. It has plenty of under-seat storage, allowing me to keep my full-face helmet and a few knick-knacks in addition. The mileage is also great than the other 150 cc segment

      Read More
      Kenneth Jan 25, 2023 for Yamaha MIO AEROX 2016
    • A beefier scooter for city roads

      Honda has added a bit more mass to Click 160, thereby putting it under the limelight with Yamaha Mio Aerox 155. You will love the fact that the decals are replaced with a fresh paint coat, making the exterior sleeker and cleaner. The conical-shaped front fascia is equipped with full LED lights for brighter and wider illumination. Also, Honda has

      Read More
      Isagani May 09, 2023 for Honda Click 160
    • Evolved two-wheeler in PCX line

      The Honda PCX 160 is the true manifestation of evolution from its predecessors, especially with the dynamically flowing lines from the front to the rear end. Its foot spacing is generous, ensuring you won’t feel your legs cramped up. The front LED headlamps are much sharper while the tail lights have a transformed cowl shape instead of the usual X-shaped

      Read More
      Seth May 09, 2023 for Honda PCX160
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