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Currently Keeway is offering 10 new motorcycle models in the Philippines. The Keeway SIP 125, Keeway Hyperbrusco 175, Keeway RKS 150 GS are the most popular motorcycles from Keeway in their respective motorcycle segments.

Keeway Philippines has a line-up of 1 Scooter (Keeway SIP 125), 1 Cruiser (Keeway SuperLight 200), 4 Street (Keeway Hyperbrusco 175, RKS 150 GS, RKS 150 Sport, Brusco 125), 4 Moped (Keeway RCS 125, KEE 125, RCX 125, CS 110). Zigwheels provides you the Keeway Philippines price list for June 2021, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities.

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There are 197 authorized Keeway motorcycle dealers across 174 cities in the Philippines.

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About Keeway Motor Philippines

Keeway Motor is a multinational brand of Europe that was established in 1999. Ever since the company is renowned for manufacturing appealing and great quality motorcycles. Moreover, Keeway is a part of the Qianjiang Group of China, which happens to be one of the most prominent motorcycle manufacturers in Asia. As of now, the main partner of the brand is Benelli, a famous Italian luxury bike manufacturer that assists Keeway in terms of the technological development and design of its motorcycles. It's noteworthy that it only took 15 years for Keeway to become a global motorcycle brand, and establish themselves as fierce market competitors in the global market.

One of the exclusive importer, distributor, and assembler of Keeway Motors, Mitsukoshi Motors Philippines Incorporated (MMPI) aims at offering high-quality motorcycles at an affordable price point. The brand has been expansively growing its market presence for more than 18 years. Keeway motor’s modest entry in the motorcycle industry can be discovered back to March 1997 when the determination, allegiance, and hard work of the men and women present in MMPI, to offer cost-effective yet long-lasting transportation, as well as employment for every Filipino in the nation, went on the floors. 

In 2014, Mitsukoshi Motors Philippines Inc. formed a partnership with Quinjang Motors which soon led to  Keeway Motor’s launch in the Philippines motorcycle market. Currently, its product portfolio is composed of ten models, namely, Keeway SIP 125, Keeway SuperLight 200, Keeway RKS 150 GS, Keeway Hyperbrusco 175, Keeway Brusco 125, Keeway RKS 150 Sport, Keeway KEE 125, Keeway RCS 125, Keeway CS 110 and the Keeway RCX 125. These models have been a big hit in the market and are popular amongst all age groups. Currently, the brand has a total of 17 dealerships nationwide.

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Keeway Motorcycles User Reviews

  • R
    Ricky May 21, 2021 for Keeway SuperLight 200

    The Keeway Superlight 200 is an amazing bike in the naked segment in the Philippines market and is a really perfect bike for daily commute purposes. The bike is well designed and true to its name, is really lightweight and easy to handle. At the same time, I was taken aback by the power-packed performance delivered by the 197 cc Read More 42

  • T
    Tyrone May 21, 2021 for Keeway SIP 125

    I was looking for a rider-friendly and lightweight scooter in the Philippines market and then I came across the Keeway SIP 125. I bought the bike after I took a short test drive. I was quite impressed by its riding experience as well as how good it looked. The scooter is a really practical package that is also really fun Read More 26

  • R
    Robust Evan May 17, 2021 for Keeway KEE 125

    I was looking for a lightweight and efficient scooter and I bought the Keeway KEE 125. The bike is a really efficient and stylish bike and quite rightly one of the most popular bikes in the Philippines market. The looks of the bike are exceptional and I think it is one of the most impressive ones in the entry-level segment Read More 3

  • M
    Mason May 17, 2021 for Keeway RCS 125

    I was looking for an efficient and simple-looking bike that could be perfect for carrying some items and would be easy to ride. Fuel economy was another one of my concerns and I think the Keeway RCS 125 has turned out to be a great choice for me. It is an all-inclusive, practical, and really value-for-money package that is perfect Read More 2

  • D
    Dante May 17, 2021 for Keeway Brusco 125

    I was a fan of the Brusco 125 from Keeway as soon as I saw it at the showroom. I am inclined towards the traditional and boxy design of bikes and I think this one perfectly brings out the best of that style blended with some modern and advanced features. The ride experience is something to be really impressed with Read More 4

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