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Check out the 2023 Skygo price list in the Philippines. As of 29 March 2023, Skygo motorcycle prices start at ₱39,000 for the most inexpensive model Prince 125 and goes up to ₱109,800 for the most expensive motorcycle model Skygo KPV. Currently Skygo is offering 11 new motorcycle models in the Philippines. The Skygo Duke, Skygo Boss, Skygo Wizard 125 are the most popular motorcycles from Skygo in their respective motorcycle segments.

Skygo Philippines has a line-up of 1 Cruiser (Skygo Boss), 2 Scooter (Skygo Blink125, KPV), 1 Off Road (Skygo Stallion), 5 Street (Skygo Wizard 125, Earl 150, Prince 125, Wizard175, King), 2 Moped (Skygo Duke, Hero). Zigwheels provides you the Skygo Philippines price list for March 2023, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities.

Skygo Philippines price list

Skygo Motorcycles Models Price List
Skygo Duke ₱41,500
Skygo Boss ₱43,000
Skygo Wizard 125 ₱41,000
Skygo Earl 150 ₱48,000
Skygo Hero ₱45,500
Skygo Prince 125 ₱39,000
Skygo Wizard175 ₱46,000
Skygo Stallion ₱59,500
Skygo King ₱43,000

Skygo Scooter Philippines Price List 2023

Skygo scooter prices start at ₱57,000 for the most inexpensive model Skygo Blink125 and goes up to ₱109,800 for the most expensive scooter model Skygo Blink125.There are 3 Skygo scooters available in Philippines, check out all scooter models March 2023 price below.

Skygo Scooter Models Price List
Skygo Blink125 ₱57,000
Skygo KPV ₱109,800

Skygo Philippines Line-up

Skygo Cruiser Skygo Boss
Skygo Scooter Skygo Blink125, KPV
Skygo Off Road Skygo Stallion
Skygo Street Skygo Wizard 125, Earl 150, Prince 125, Wizard175, King
Skygo Moped Skygo Duke, Hero

Skygo Dealers

There are 178 authorized Skygo motorcycle dealers across 163 cities in the Philippines.

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11 Skygo Motorcycles Philippines

  • Skygo Duke
    Skygo Duke
    ₱41,500 SRP Price Manila
    Duke Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Skygo Boss
    Skygo Boss
    ₱43,000 SRP Price Manila
    Boss Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Skygo Wizard 125
    Skygo Wizard 125
    ₱41,000 SRP Price Manila
    Wizard 125 Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Skygo Earl 150
    Skygo Earl 150
    ₱48,000 SRP Price Manila
    Earl 150 Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Skygo Blink125
    Skygo Blink125
    ₱57,000 SRP Price Manila
    Blink125 Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Skygo Hero
    Skygo Hero
    ₱45,500 SRP Price Manila
    Hero Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Skygo Prince 125
    Skygo Prince 125
    ₱39,000 SRP Price Manila
    Prince 125 Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Skygo Wizard175
    Skygo Wizard175
    ₱46,000 SRP Price Manila
    Wizard175 Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Skygo Stallion
    Skygo Stallion
    ₱59,500 SRP Price Manila
    Stallion Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Skygo KPV
    Skygo KPV
    ₱109,800 Expected Price Manila
    Skygo KPV Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • Skygo King
    Skygo King
    ₱43,000 SRP Price Manila
    King Price Get Exclusive Promos 1 Variant
  • About Skygo Philippines

    Skygo Philippines is a Cebu-based motorcycle brand that has been very new to the two-wheeler market. Marketed under the Skygo Marketing Corporation (SMC), the brand was established in the year 2003. At the time of its arrival, the brand took a great step by creating new markets through creative marketing. 

    The brand has its own success story as it had to fight its way with the Japanese brands and their long time trade in the country's motorcycle trading business. To make an impact in the market and provide the users with a cheaper and more efficient motorcycle, the brand came up with a unique plan.

    Skygo is unique as it has provided cost-efficient motorcycles, assembled in the Philippines itself. The motorcycles are made of Lifan parts from the Chongquing Group in China, which gets here locally through the brand’s local partner, Nito’s International Ventures, Inc.

    With its unique styling ability and rigid motor configuration, the brand is confident overtaking on the Japanese lineup of motorcycles brand counterparts. Price being one of the major points with the brand, Skygo also empowers the country to promote Philipino based sales and production. 

    As for the retailing network, there are 101 Skygo Authorized Parts and Service Centers (SAPSC) that offers genuine and quality parts as well as to cater to the technical assistance and after-sales needs of its customers. Today, thousands of SKYGO motorcycles now cruise through urban centres and rural areas in the country in various categories, from 4-stroke mopeds and trendy bikes to workhorses and sportbikes.

    Currently, Skygo has seven motorcycle offerings in the Philippine market including Archer and Duke with 110cc engine; Hero, Wizard, and Prince with 125cc engine; and King and Earl with 150cc engine. Lastly, SMC now offers the Philippine market with motorcycles at competitive prices with the owners assured of product innovations, efficient service, parts availability, and continuous support.

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  • Key Highlights of Skygo Philippines

    Popular Models Duke, Boss, Wizard 125, Earl 150, Blink125
    Expensive Model Stallion
    Affordable Model Prince 125
    Body Type Cruiser, Scooter, Off Road, Street, Moped
    Fuel Type Gasoline
    Dealerships 178
    Service Centers 126
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  • Skygo User Reviews

    • Good Engine Quality

      The Skygo Duke has a high level of talent in it and is quite inexpensive as well. It's possible that you've never heard of this bike before. Skygo Duke has been a great purchase for me. Its balanced rides have me in awe. A conventional four-stroke, single-cylinder engine guarantees you get a good amount of power out of this. Considering

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      Martin Aug 20, 2021 for Skygo Duke
    • It's good but needs improvements

      Although I understand that Skygo Boss 150 had many issues with its price, vibrations are annoying at 60kph in all stock, to lessen it you need to change its sprocket combination. Tightening all the nuts will also help, they were not tight after you get them from the store. The swing arm bushing is hard to find and one of

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      JT APATIN Feb 24, 2023 for Skygo Boss
    • Nice motorcycle

      Very good for daily use to the family members and business mobility deliveries and big help to us. Fuel efficient and effective cool engine very quiet smooth and nice looking front and back Even Left side right side color black with red design sticker. Good handling motorcycle the price is affordable at the performance is good.

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      Sizenon Cutamora Feb 10, 2023 for Skygo Wizard 125
    • A great entry-level two-wheeler

      I’ve been commuting on my bike to and from the office for years. But recently, my old bike malfunctioned, and I started searching for a bike that could prove to be an ideal daily commuter, and my colleague recommended the Skygo earl-150. I’m smitten by its design and breakthrough performance. It offers a comfortable and smooth ride and is easy

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      Erap Jan 30, 2023 for Skygo Earl 150
    • Perfect multi-purpose scooter

      I have ridden tons of day-to-day commuting vehicles in my lifetime, but none of them match the comfort offered by Skygo blink-125. It is the perfect daily utility vehicle that comes at an affordable price point. It is not only good for local travel, but it also performs well during long-distance trips. The wide footboard lets me put my groceries

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      Brian Jan 30, 2023 for Skygo Blink125
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  • Skygo Motorcycles Philippines FAQs

    What is the price list of Skygo motorcycles in Philippines?

    Skygo motorcycles in Philippines comes with price list of ₱39,000 to ₱109,800 .

    Which is the Cheapest motorcycle from Skygo in the Philippines?

    The cheapest Skygo motorcycle is Skygo Prince 125 starting from ₱39,000 for base variant.

    How many Skygo Motorcycle's Dealers in Philippines?

    There are 178 authorised Skygo motorcycle dealers across 163 cities in the Philippines.

    What is the newest Skygo Motorcycle?

    The newest motorcycle offered from Skygo in the Philippines is the all new Skygo KPV 2023.

    What scooter models are offered by Skygo?

    Skygo offers 2 scooter models in the Philippines namely: Skygo Blink125 and Skygo KPV.