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  • 1366 Views May 25, 2018

    What happens when two enemies compete against each other for a long time? They both start to resemble each other. In the Philippines, one such battle is fought in the scooter segme...

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  • 1113 Views May 08, 2018

    So, this is pretty out there as far as comparisons go but bear with us. While you may say that this is beyond comparing apples with oranges - or apples with a hamburger for that ma...

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  • 4526 Views Mar 28, 2018

    MANILA: The Mio Aerox and the Nmax are two very capable scooters from Yamaha lineup. They serve two different segments. The Aerox is for the young crowd while the Nmax is for the m...

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  • 2025 Views Mar 20, 2018

    The love for underbones in the South East Asian market is no joke. They give people the thrill of motorcycles and the practicality of mopeds. They are cheap and easy to maintain. T...

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  • 675 Views Mar 13, 2018

    It’s an exciting time for motorcycle enthusiasts in the Philippines. Motorcycles from neighbouring countries are making their way here as are prominent players from all over the wo...

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