Battle of the naked bikes: Suzuki GSX 8S vs. Yamaha MT09

The Suzuki GSX 8S is powered by a 776cc powerplant

Battle of the naked bikes: Suzuki GSX 8S vs. Yamaha MT09

The local naked bike category has turned out to be a spicy segment in the past few years. Two modern street fighter-type models — the Suzuki GSX 8S and the Yamaha MT09 — are some of the popular choices on the market today.


  • How much is the Suzuki GSX 8S?

    The Suzuki GSX is priced at P585,000.
  • What is the price tag of the Yamaha MT09?

    The Yamaha MT09 sells for P659,000.
  • On that note, we take a quick look to find out which among the two motorcycles would best suit your budget, style, and motoring needs.

    Join us in this naked bike battle to see which between the Suzuki GSX 8S and the Yamaha MT09 will make it out on top.

    Body: Suzuki GSX8S

    The Suzuki GSX 8S, as one would expect from a naked bike, is equipped with a little amount of fairings. At its fore is a small cowling — just enough to serve as a housing for its two-part headlamp setup. Right above it is a naked instrument cluster that looks robust enough to stand a beating.

    Suzuki GSX 8S from Suzuki PH

    Below the font fairing is its long front fork suspension with coil springs and is oil-damped. Housed inside its short front fender is a 17-inch wheel shod in 120/70 tubeless tires. The Suzuki GSX 8S also gets twin disc brakes at the front, for optimum stopping power.

    The space in the mid-section of the motorcycle is taken up mostly by the engine as well as the fuel tank. Nevertheless, the engineers that worked on the model were still able to squeeze in a sexy saddle, foot pegs for both the rider and the pillion passenger, a small yet sporty muffler, and a brace that serves as the Suzuki GSX 8S’ chain cover.

    Very little is offered by the Suzuki GSX 8S in terms of side panels. There’s just enough to cover the fuel tank and some other components like the radiator.

    The rear end of the Suzuki GSX 8S gets a protruding rear fender that also holds the small taillamp and two turn signals. There’s also a place to carry the number plate of the motorbike in the same rear end cover.

    Under which is a link-type suspension system that uses coil springs and is dampened by oil. This setup holds the naked bike’s 17-inch rear wheel that comes with 180/55 tubeless rubber. A single disc brake provides the necessary pressure to put the bike to a halt.

    Other notable exterior features of the Suzuki GSX 8S include its colored digital instrument panel, minimal decals and graphic design, as well as its angular side mirrors. Muscles showing on the underside of the motorcycle als adds to its beauty and allure, which is why it’s not surprising why many motorcycle buyers go for models like the GSX 8S.

    Body: Yamaha MT09

    Touted as a motorcycle that comes from the “dark side of Japan,” the Yamaha MT09 has this sleek and sexy vibe that looks both aggressive and futuristic.

    Yamaha MT09

    On the front end of the Yamaha MT09 is a somewhat similar setup as the Suzuki GSX 8S. It is fitted with a small front cowling that houses a small, but bright headlight. It also boasts a long inverted front telescopic fork that are adjustable, allowing riders to fine-tune their experience based on their preference.

    Connected to it is also a short front fender that hides a 17-inch wheel wrapped with 120/70 tubeless tires. And like its competitor, the Yamaha MT09 also gets dual disc brakes.

    The middle portion of the Yamaha MT09 gets fairings and protective covers that look more modern. The matte finish of its side panels adds a premium look to the naked bike as well as the fairings on the flank of the fuel tank that appears to have inlets for aerodynamics.

    The enclosure on the street fighter’s radiator also looks modern and more muscular.

    Despite its huge engine and relatively large fuel tank taking up most of the body of the Yamaha MT09, there’s still space for appointments like a thin saddle, rugged foot pegs, and a decent-sized muffler.

    The rear end of the Yamaha MT09 flaunts an extended rear fender with a futuristic-looking design. The taillamp is incorporated on the actual rear of the naked bike while the turn signals that juts out of the said mudguard.

    Under it is a swing arm-type link suspension that holds a 17-inch wheel with 180/55 tubeless tires. It gets a single disc brake setup at the rear.

    Notably, the Yamaha MT09 is known for having features like a colored instrument cluster, lightweight spin-forged wheels, and radial front brake master cylinder.


    Power for the Suzuki GSX 8S comes from a 776 cubic centimeter (cc) engine mated to a six-speed constant mesh transmission system. According to Suzuki, this setup makes some 83 horsepower with 78 Newton-meters of untamed torque.

    Meanwhile, the Yamaha MT09 packs a more powerful 890cc mill that is aided by a similar six-speed constant mesh transmission unit. On that note, the powerplant pushes as much as 117 horses with 93Nm of almost instantaneous pulling power.

    Here are some of their engine specs.

    Suzuki GSX 8S:

    • Fuel-injected
    • Parallel twin, DOHC
    • Transistorized electronic ignition

    Yamaha MT09:

    • Three-cylinder, four-stroke, DOHC
    • Liquid-cooled
    • Transistor-controlled ignition

    Other features

    The Suzuki GSX 8S is endowed with a relatively generous 14-liter fuel tank that’s perfect for taking on long trips on two wheels. It also has a ground clearance of 145 millimeters (mm), which gives riders peace of mind that they can tackle almost any urban terrain.

    As for the Yamaha MT09, it also has a 14-liter fuel tank but due to its larger engine, it may consume more gasoline per kilometer. Nevertheless, the reverberating power offered by the MT09 is a solid trade.


    Suzuki GSX 8S: P585,000
    Yamaha MT09: P659,000


    The Suzuki GSX 8S is a good naked bike for beginners and for seasoned riders alike. It offers a great balance of good pricing, good fuel economy, and an expressway-legal ride.

    For those looking for something more, the Yamaha MT09 would be a good choice.

    Photos from Suzuki and Yamaha

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