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Currently MotorStar is offering 25 new motorcycle models in the Philippines. The MotorStar Cafe 400, MotorStar Xplorer 250R, MotorStar Nicess 110 are the most popular motorcycles from MotorStar in their respective motorcycle segments.

MotorStar Philippines has a line-up of 10 Scooter (MotorStar MSX 150X, Moto R155, Moto X155, MSX200-II, MSX 125M, Viber, Escooter, Co-in125, Elite350i, Urban125), 1 Sport (MotorStar Xplorer X200R), 1 Cruiser (MotorStar Cafe 400), 6 Street (MotorStar Xplorer Z150, Magnum 250, Star-X 125S, Star X 125 II, Star-X155, Star-X155 IIA), 6 Moped (MotorStar Nicess 110, Sapphire 110 -II, MSX125S-II, Zest X110-III, Zest X110-IIIM, Ebike), 1 Dual Sport (MotorStar Xplorer 250R). Zigwheels provides you the MotorStar Philippines price list for December 2020, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities.

About MotorStar Philippines

MotorStar is a brand of Filipino assembled motorcycles known for their inexpensive price. Most of its motorcycle parts come from China and are assembled locally in the Philippines. According to their website, the company was established in 2002 and is a member of the Chamber of Assembler and Manufacturers of Motorcycles of the Philippines (CHAMMP) which competes with the top Japanese manufacturers Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.

MotorStar is dedicated to producing quality motorcycles and scooters as well as impressive after-sales service to continuously improve customer satisfaction. The company is also involved in groups that contribute to nation-building.

MotorStar has a wide variety of motorcycles with different body styles which they categorize as: underbone, scooter, on/off-road, business type, cruisers, electronic bikes, lifestyle, and AEON. Here in the Philippines, Eastworld Motor Industries Corporation is the local assembler and distributor of MotorStar. 

It has its main office in Caloocan City. Currently, MotorStar is offering 25 new motorcycle models in the Philippines. The MotorStar Cafe 400, MotorStar Xplorer 250R, MotorStar Nicess 110 are the most popular motorcycles from MotorStar in their respective motorcycle segments.

As per news and suggested rumours around the brand, in July last year, the Chinese industrial giant, Loncin Motor Co., Ltd., had entered into a long-term strategic partnership agreement with MV Agusta. The partnership gave its way to the development of an all-new line up of motorcycles with displacements between 350-500cc that will be carried by MotorStar in the Philippines.

In one of their latest offering for 2020, MotorStar has introduced the Xplorer 250R which brags great attributes with its two front fenders, lengthy windscreen, and curvy shape. As one of the most affordable bikes in its segment, this good-looking machine is retailed at P69,000.

MotorStar Motorcycle Philippines Price List 2020

MotorStar motorcycle prices start at ₱38,000 for the most inexpensive model Zest X110-III and goes up to ₱140,000 for the most expensive motorcycle model MotorStar Cafe 400.

MotorStar Motorcycle Models Price List
MotorStar Cafe 400 ₱140,000
MotorStar Xplorer 250R ₱69,000
MotorStar Nicess 110 ₱40,000
MotorStar Sapphire 110 -II ₱40,500
MotorStar MSX125S-II ₱42,000
MotorStar Zest X110-III ₱38,000
MotorStar Zest X110-IIIM ₱40,000
MotorStar Xplorer X200R ₱65,000
MotorStar Xplorer Z150 ₱55,000
MotorStar Magnum 250 ₱78,000
MotorStar Star-X 125S ₱39,000
MotorStar Star X 125 II ₱40,000
MotorStar Star-X155 ₱45,000

MotorStar Scooter Philippines Price List 2020

MotorStar scooter prices start at ₱39,000 for the most inexpensive model Viber and goes up to ₱69,000 for the most expensive scooter model MSX200-II.There are 6 MotorStar scooters available in Philippines, check out all scooter models December 2020 price below.

MotorStar Scooter Models Price list
MotorStar MSX 150X ₱41,000
MotorStar Moto R155 ₱58,000
MotorStar Moto X155 ₱58,000
MotorStar MSX200-II ₱69,000
MotorStar Viber ₱39,000

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There are 2 authorized MotorStar motorcycle dealers across 2 cities in the Philippines.

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  • J
    Jerome Maglasang Dec 03, 2020 for MotorStar Star-X155

    Very efficient. And long lasting engine performance. For a chip price. And it last for 8 years now and without any engine breakdown like over heat, and other engine trouble. Excellent when it comes through traffic congestion, and fuel efficient.good handling but not good enough when it's comes to aero dynamics it wiggle when hit by a strong wind most Read More 1

  • A
    Antonio Nov 25, 2020 for MotorStar Cafe 400

    The MotorStar Café 400 is my favourite motorcycle when it comes to design and riding comfort. The classic design of this café racer reminds me of the retro bikes that made an impression on the world a few decades ago. The riding stance is very upright and neat, while the seat comes with right amount of padding to offer comfort Read More 29

  • C
    Cedric Nov 23, 2020 for MotorStar Xplorer X200R

    The MotorStar Xplorer X200R is a small capacity sports bike. It has a sports bike type styling and offers a sporty performance. But it’s not intended to be a true-blue sports bike and neither it matches the performance. The bike is priced extremely low compared to real sports bikes. If you want a bike that only looks sporty then you Read More 16

  • E
    Ejay Oct 20, 2020 for MotorStar Xplorer X200R

    The MotorStar Xplorer X200R has killer looks. Its aggressive styling has made the bike a hot favorite among youngsters. The design language is cool. The engine offers good travelling performance. Despite being an urban commuting bike, the Xplorer X200R is a nice performer on long journeys. It can negotiate tough road conditions pretty much easily. I found its price a Read More 32

  • A
    Amihan Oct 17, 2020 for MotorStar Cafe 400

    As I was planning to buy a bike for myself, I got to take feedback from many who have good idea about bikes. Finally someone told me about MotorStar Cafe 400. What I got to know about this bike is it is getting highly popular amidst urban section of the society day by day. The bike just rocks and can Read More 216