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Currently CFMoto is offering 6 new motorcycle models in the Philippines. The CFMoto 400 NK, CFMoto 150 NK, CFMoto 250 NK are the most popular motorcycles from CFMoto in their respective motorcycle segments.

CFMoto Philippines has a line-up of 3 Sport (CFMoto 150 NK, 250 NK, 300SR), 3 Dual Sport (CFMoto 400 NK, 650 NK, 650 MT). Zigwheels provides you the CFMoto Philippines price list for October 2020, along with downpayment, monthly installments, and loan simulations for the Manila and nearby cities.

About CFMoto Philippines

CFMoto Philippines entered the local motorcycle market back in 2018 under the umbrella of Motostrada. This Chinese brand first appeared in the Moto Build Pilipinas (a popular custom bike show) in partnership with the Big Bike Expo, which helped the company publicize its product portfolio. Globally, CFMoto manufactures and delivers affordable and durable motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, etc. Founded in 1989, it has produced nearly a hundred models, which are distributed by its 1,900 partners worldwide. 

The designers at CFMoto have left no stone unturned when it comes to designing their motorcycles and engines. They currently boast of more than 272 registered patents and independent intellectual rights, and their commitment to their products is also shown in their extensive range of motorcycle accessories.

In the Philippine motorcycle market, CFMoto offers a wide range of models that come at an affordable price. Most of its models are designed by a popular Austrian motorcycle design company KISKA. Currently, the brand’s strong lineup consists of  250 NK, 50 NK, 400 GT, 400 NK, 650 MT, and 650 NK.

CFMOTO is always striving to supply maximum user value for every product. Due to this, CFMOTO products have way more consumer benefits than any other vehicle in the market, thanks to their decades worth of experience in this heavily competitive industry, and have proven to be the ideal choice for enjoying the two-wheeler experience in the Philippines.

CFMoto’s motorcycles are displayed in various flagship Motostrada showrooms, across the country. Their dealerships are known for their excellent customer service and accessories. CFMoto Philippines aims to provide amazing designs paired with powerful performance and A-grade quality that meet every consumer's motorcycle needs.

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  • P
    Phillip Sep 14, 2020 for CFMoto 400 NK

    Have you seen the earlier bike of this segment, CFMoto 650 NK? Then you will understand how identical CFMoto 400 NK is in terms of its looks and design. If you give an abrupt glance both the bikes will look alike. The bike is providing you with all advanced and new age aspects like full sized LED lights, chiseled fuel Read More 197

  • D
    Dranreb Jul 21, 2020 for CFMoto 400 NK

    I took the 400NK through winding roads just to test its performance and the bike to be really sharp in handing. That aside, the bike gives steady power without the rider having to concentrate on controlling the throttle. Its kerb weight complements the proportion with the proper amount of power. It has the right amount of counter-steering and lean. Front Read More 802

  • G
    Gabriel May 19, 2020 for CFMoto 400 NK

    Apparently this bike will appear as handsome and worth opting for. Even then I got surprised at certain aspects when I explored the bike bit more. Though the bike is inclusive of LED turn lamps and LED indicators, but how come they have not included LED headlamps in this bike? Pretty surprising!!Thank God they have included dual channel ABS, The Read More 807

  • I
    Isagani Dec 23, 2019 for CFMoto 400 NK

    The road presence of this bike is immense. In fact once you ride this bike on the city road you will automatically get a sense of pride always. That is how I feel whenever I am riding my bike. You can expect a speedy and flawless ride on this. So bike lovers will be truly satisfied once they opt for Read More 1923

  • M
    Mykyell Nov 27, 2019 for CFMoto 650 MT

    Despite having the same 649cc two-cylinder inline four-stroke liquid-cooled engine as the 650 NK, the CFMoto 650 MT packs in a lot more power at 70.7 hp and 62 Nm. Besides that, the dual front disc brakes, a single-piece comfortable seat, and a windshield that deflects the wind away from your face all make the 650 MT a proper multi-purpose Read More 413