MotorStar Ebike

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MotorStar Ebike 2023

MotorStar Ebike 2023 is a 2 Seater Scooter. it is available in 2 colors, 1 variants in the Philippines. The Ebike comes with Drum front brakes and Drum rear brakes. Over 10 users have reviewed Ebike on basis of Features, Mileage, seating comfort, and engine performance. Ebike top competitors are Viber, Turtle King and TK10.

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MotorStar Ebike Specs

Front Brake
Gasoline Drum
Transmission Type
Gasoline Automatic
Ebike Specifications

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Ebike Pros & Cons

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Practicality above all else



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Not the best looking

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Not for extensive road use

Recent Updates of Ebike

This environment-friendly electric bike is very popular in the Philippines market because of its reliability and practicality. This electric bike is powered by a brushless motor that is paired to a 20-22Ah lead-acid battery and takes around 2-8 hours to get fully charged. The motor is capable of generating 240W and 9 Nm of torque. The bike has a range of between 40 and 60 kilometres. The Ebike is equipped with a basket at the front that enhances everyday usability. 

MotorStar Ebike Variants

There are 1 variants available of Ebike: TDL 165Z.

MotorStar Ebike Power-trains

The Ebike is powered by a cc Cylinder engine. It comes with the option of a Variable Speed transmission gearbox.

MotorStar Ebike Features

Features Chassis, Suspension & Brake include Drum Front Brake and Drum Rear Brake.

MotorStar Ebike Competitors

The Ebike Competitors are: MotorStar Viber, NWOW Turtle King and NWOW TK10.

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MotorStar Ebike 2023 Price Philippines

MotorStar Ebike February 2023 prices start from for base variant TDL 165Z and goes upto for top-spec variant .

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MotorStar Ebike Review

The MotorStar Ebike is just what the name suggests. It is an electric bicycle. But one that is a bit more practical and versatile than other more bicycles. MotorStar has made a head start into the electric vehicles category with 3 models. The Ebike here is the most basic of the lot. There is no bodywork to speak of and very little to suggest that underneath the battery pack is anything other than a bicycle. Nevertheless, this will fit right in for someone looking for a substitute for their moped that they use for their business but only on short routes. This versatility and simplicity should find many takers in the Philippines market. Though there are various options like California Eco-bike, GXSun, Kenwei, TailG, RFM and others, Ebike has something above all. The most important being associated with a relatively larger name behind it which should give it the advantage of better parts availability and service options. Here is a look at what you can expect in this small package.

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MotorStar Ebike Design

There is not a lot of styling to be found here as there is not a lot of bike to begin with. Remove the oversized headlight, the battery pack, and the rear bench seat and what you are left with is essentially a bicycle. But that is not really a bad thing. This keeps the weight low as well as the price. And often bodywork in a more practical sense just becomes more stuff that can break. This is no ordinary bicycle either. The tubing is sturdy and the spoked wheels are decently sized and strong. There are some proper suspension and protection. The headlight unit incorporates the indicators with minimal instrumentation. As for utilities, there is a large basket in the front while the area behind the seat is provided with a long and flat bench seat with a small backrest at the end. The battery pack is mounted in the front and also serves as the footboard for the rider. Even the bench seat is provided with a large footrest on the left side. There are even two color choices – red and blue – on offer here. Dimensions are compact 1700 mm (L) x 645 mm (W) x 1030 mm (H).

Ebike Ride & Handling

There is a telescopic setup in the front but the rear seems to be rigid. The rider’s seat is what you’d expect on a bicycle and comes with its own springs. Considering what this bike is meant for, this suspension should pose no problems under normal operation. The seat height begins low and can be adjusted while the handlebars are high giving it a relaxed seating position. The pillion seat is spacious and can be used to store large cargo as well as passengers. The rider seat should be comfortable for short rides.

MotorStar Ebike Engine & Fuel Consumption

Power comes from a low-speed brushless hub mounted motor mounted on the rear wheel. This gets powered by a 10-12 Ah lead acid battery pack that takes 2-8 hours to fully charge. The motor itself produces a maximum power output of 240 W and 9 Nm of torque spinning up to 180 rpm. This translates to a top speed of 30 kmph and a range of 40-60 km at a stretch. This is decent power and range for a business user. This was never meant to be taken on the open road and so the range anxiety should not be an issue either.

Ebike Braking & Safety

The MotorStar Ebike is fitted with drum brakes both front and rear.

MotorStar Ebike Verdict

From a practicality standpoint, the MotorStar Ebike makes a lot of sense. People looking for affordability, practicality and little else are going to find a lot of value in this bike. This should appeal to some very specific needs and others need not look in this segment at all. How does it fair against the other available options in this segment? Is it okay to narrow your choices to something so specialized? These are questions only you can answer.

User Reviews of MotorStar Ebike

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4.3/5 Very Good based on 10 reviews
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  • Outstanding Creation!

    If you are looking for a short-distance bike for grabbing things from stores or delivering things to nearby areas, you can blindly trust the EBike...

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    Gerald Nov 21, 2022 for MotorStar Ebike
  • Highly Practical and Usable!

    I presented the move to my daughter on her birthday. Honestly, this is the best thing I ever got her for sharpening her riding skills along with...

    Read More
    Macario Aug 04, 2022 for MotorStar Ebike
  • Environment friendly electric bike from Motorstar family

    I already possess couple of big bikes in my garage that are meant for adventure rides or off roading purpose. This time I was in search for an...

    Read More
    Alexsander Jun 15, 2022 for MotorStar Ebike
  • For easy neighborhood riding

    The Motorstar Ebike is more of a bicycle than what can be called as a two-wheeler. It’s meant for strips to the grocery store and doing errands....

    Read More
    Brian Mar 28, 2022 for MotorStar Ebike
  • A level beyond practicality

    From the looks of it, the Motorstar Ebike is a battery-powered cycle that sets apart the vibe from motorbikes. However, when talking of the offering,...

    Read More
    Antonio Feb 17, 2022 for MotorStar Ebike
  • For your daily errands

    Just the other day, I saw this cute looking crossover cycle at my neighbor’s pathway and inquired about it. He told me it’s an electric bike and...

    Read More
    Brian Nov 19, 2021 for MotorStar Ebike
  • Sleek, lightweight and utilitarian

    I recently bought the MotorStar Ebike and now I totally understand why the bike is so popular in the Philippines. It is a really utilitarian package...

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    Japheth Aug 17, 2021 for MotorStar Ebike
  • The perfect bike for beginners

    I was looking for a beginner-friendly motorcycle for my son and I went for the bike which is very popular in the Philippines, is the MotorStar Ebike....

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    Mike May 14, 2021 for MotorStar Ebike
  • A perfect short distance commuting bike

    While I got to buy such an amazing bike I was simply ecstatic. This is a perfect environment friendly bike that can make your life way more...

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    Espyke Jan 25, 2021 for MotorStar Ebike

    I am a person with a very lean physic and have always found bulky vehicles a great pain in handling. I was really happy to see Moto Star Ebike with...

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    Kaylle Dec 04, 2018 for MotorStar Ebike
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How much is MotorStar Ebike in Philippines?

The MotorStar Ebike price in the Philippines starts at for the base variant.

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What is the Weight of MotorStar Ebike?

The kerb weight of MotorStar Ebike is 75 kg .

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