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  • The perfect partner for urban living

    The Maxus D60 has been designed to elevate the urban living experience. This SUV is designed to meet the varying demands of growing families and young professionals. With its modern and sleek design, complemented by its stylish LED headlights and cobweb grille pattern, the D60 is the perfect embodiment of urban sophistication. From weekend getaways to commuting to work, this

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    Steven Jun 03, 2024 for Maxus D60
  • Affordable Pickup Truck

    I took a few weeks to think through this purchasing decision and conclude that this would be something other than the expensive Maxus pickup version in my pocket. An imposing bronze grille with a chrome trim up front specifies this. Tossing away all the miseries of long trips, a big cabin and nice seats are inevitable, in addition to the

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    Esteban May 09, 2024 for Maxus T60
  • One of the biggest commercial vehicles

    The worst part about driving the Maxus V80 is its size. It is one of the biggest vehicles I’ve ever driven. But after spending some time behind the wheel of this car I eventually became accustomed to this vehicle’s size. When overtaking or navigating tight turns I need to be a bit careful. It comes with large side mirrors that

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    Ben May 06, 2024 for Maxus V80
  • An ideal passenger centric-vehicle

    Since I commute with large groups on a frequent basis, the Maxus G10 has proved to be my ideal vehicle. The steering is a bit heavier than expected but the vehicle is lighter in comparison to its competitors, making it a breeze to navigate the city streets. It handles winding roads and twists and turns with ease, providing a comfortable

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    Franklin Feb 15, 2024 for Maxus G10
  • Straddles between a minivan and an MPV

    As a city dweller looking for an economical and practical car, the G50 seemed to be the right choice all thanks to its large cabin and reasonable pricing. While I encountered some road and cabin noise at higher speeds, the ride was largely stable, making for a comfortable driving experience. I loved the extra room in the second seat, which

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    Rowena Feb 15, 2024 for Maxus G50
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