Hyundai x UNDP 'for Tomorrow' video highlights sustainable solutions from innovators

Hyundai x UNDP 'for Tomorrow' video highlights sustainable solutions from innovators

MANILA: Hyundai Motor Company and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) celebrated six months of their “for Tomorrow” project through a video that presents three sustainable living solutions submitted by grassroots local innovators from around the world.

Hyundai Motor and UNDP Accelerator Labs launched the “for Tomorrow” project to encourage people across the globe to help their communities move towards a sustainable future. Grassroots innovators have submitted their solutions, ranging from hands-on, in-the-field initiatives to digital innovations that answers the needs of their communities.

Under the theme “Sustainable Cities and Communities,” the video was narrated by “for Tomorrow” ambassador Jessica Alba. The featured innovators will be assisted by sustainability experts starting this May.

Jessica Alba for Hyundai and UNDP "for Tomorrow" Project

In a statement, Hyundai Motor Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer Thomas Schemera said, “Our partnership with UNDP is very meaningful to us. Corporate citizenship is essential to ensuring a better quality of life for communities everywhere, which is why Hyundai Motor is collaborating with the UNDP to help nurture and advance sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives and innovations. In the last six months of our partnership, we've seen a lot of solutions that inspire us. I hope these solutions will be the seeds of innovation that will make a better future. In line with our brand vision, ‘Progress for Humanity’, we will continue to contribute to becoming a sustainable society with a sense of corporate citizenship.”

Hyundai and UNDP "for Tomorrow" Project

UNDP Accelerator Labs Special Advisor Joseph D’Cruz stated, “The goal of ‘for Tomorrow’ is to tap into innovation to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Working with Hyundai Motor, we want to connect with innovators around the world and help find those local solutions that are key to the evolution of topics such as mobility, waste management and urban living. This brings the work done by the 91 Accelerator Labs around the world to a whole new level and extend our reach like never before.”

Alba said, “Many people wake up every morning wanting to contribute to positive change and wondering how they can do it. “This film is about some of the members of the ‘for Tomorrow’ community who are acting on that desire. It’s about the challenges they face, the solutions they come up with, and how they’re improving life in their communities and beyond.”

The video featured three inspiring stories of people working to develop positive change in their communities through sustainable means. One of these is Onah Angela Amaka from Nigeria, who introduced solar-powered lanterns to her community. Many people in Amaka’s town did not have access to lighting at night. Amaka’s solar lamps allowed children to read longer and provided business opportunities by promoting the benefits of solar energy technology.

Solar Streetlights innovator Onah Angela Amaka  - Hyundai and UNDP "for Tomorrow" Project

The Green Energy Mobility (GEM) project of Sonika Manandhar and Tiffany Tong of Nepal was also featured on the video. This project benefited the lady drivers of the safa tempo or the electric buses of Kathmandu as it increased their financial inclusion by making renewable energy-powered transportation a quality alternative to private vehicles.

Green Energy Mobility (GEM) innovator - Hyundai and UNDP "for Tomorrow" Project

The video also featured Cian Sherwin from the United Kingdom, who developed prototypes of re-icing machines to help replenish Arctic ice. With the assistance of Bangor University, the machines were created to help the communities in Wales that will possibly need to move away from their current locations within the next 50 years due to the rising sea levels caused by melting icebergs.

Real Ice innovator Cian Sherwin - Hyundai and UNDP "for Tomorrow" Project

The “for Tomorrow” project is still accepting submissions via The solutions will be implemented with the help of the UNDP Accelerator Labs and environmentalist David Mayer de Rothschild. The involvement will start this May and the final results will be revealed in September.

Photos from Hyundai

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