5 essential moto musts you should know

5 essential moto musts you should know

MANILA: One of the most common catchphrases for drivers and riders is “look twice, save a life.” But it’s not just a slogan; it also serves as a gentle reminder for everyone to be more vigilant while on the road for a safer and more enjoyable journey ahead.

Although all motorists are required to comply with basic traffic rules and regulations plus guidelines like no texting while driving, and no driving when intoxicated, there are also unwritten regulations that motorists are supposed to be acquainted with.

Among these fundamental road safety measures that all drivers must know and practice are slowing down when passing through pedestrian crossings and intersections even if there are no people crossing the streets, and exercising road courtesy.

But for motorcycle riders, road rules and regulations are quite different, while also a way of demonstrating the practices and culture of motorcycle riders that embody respect for their community, aside from showing affection for their motorcycles.

In line with this, Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the leading manufacturer of motorcycles in the country, lists down some of these unwritten moto guidelines for riders to have a better experience on the road, especially during these challenging times.

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Familiarize yourself with motorcycle hand signals

Over the years, motorcycle riders have been able to develop a kind of sign language to communicate with other riders and motorists while on the road.

Some of these hand signals for individual riders include left turn (hands and arms extending left), right turn (arms are out and flexed at a 90-degree angle while the fist remains clenched), hazard on the road (left hand pointed to left side, while right foot points right upward), stop (left arm is extended straight downwards, left palm faces back), cops ahead (tapping the top of the helmet with open palm down), and turn signal on (opening and closing the left hand with thumb and fingers extended).

For beginner motorcycle riders, others might show a peace sign or thumbs up sign at traffic lights or they may wave for you to go ahead of them if they are in front of you. If the other rider points toward your side stand, it means that you might have forgotten to stow your side stand before going on the road, and this might lead to a serious accident.

Try to get acquainted with these hand signals as a way of showing courtesy and promoting camaraderie among fellow riders, aside from safeguarding yourself from road hazards.

Practice road courtesy at all times

As a rider, you should exercise defensive driving. Ensure that other motorcycles and vehicles have adequate room for driving and take the initiative to show a hand signal to allow them to pass by or get ahead of you.

Although it’s quite relaxing to ride and the urge to speed can tempting, keep in mind that you don’t own the entire road so safety should still be your top priority.

Ensure adequate space when parking

In parking slots, motorcycles obviously occupy a small amount of space. But then, if you don’t park your motorbike properly, you’re being inconsiderate to other riders or drivers.

When parking, leave adequate room for other riders to be able to mount their motorbikes or park next to you.

One of the distinct aspects of the motorcycle riding community is being able to understand and respect the needs of other riders. Thus, it’s important to cooperate with one another to attain satisfaction and mutual protection.

Don’t ride when you’re in a rush or are emotionally disturbed

Safety first. That’s the one thing you need to remember as a rider. If you’re emotionally disturbed or are in a rush,  you might be a hazard to yourself and others on the road.  So don’t ride off with a heavy heart or with thoughts that are elsewhere.

The adrenaline rush is quite enticing for motorcycle riders but don’t make that as an excuse to speed up. Slow down, stop, and take a deep breath instead. Always consider the safety of other people aside from yourself. That way, we can all enjoy the road without worrying about accidents or injuries.

Stop when there’s someone who needs help on the road

If you’re a rider who shares in the fulfillment and enjoyment of road mobility, then take time to assist a motorcycle rider who stops at the side of the street. Lend a helping hand, especially if the rider needs his bike fixed or if something is wrong.

In the future, you might be the one who needs assistance on the road. Remember that no one knows the aspects of a motorcycle better than a rider. Thus, ensure that those who want to enjoy this kind of mobility will have their share of that moment so spend a few minutes of helping someone get to their destination.

These are just some of the unwritten motorcycle habits to provide riders with a memorable experience. So, your motorbike is not just something that you can take pride in due to its advanced features, but it should also allow you to establish rapport in the motorcycle riding community.

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