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Defender Colors

Defender is available in 12 different colors - Havanna, Indus Silver, Orkney Grey, Firenze Red, Santorini Black, Barolo Black, Fuzi White, Aintree Green, Baltic Blue, Keshwick Green, Tamar Blue and Dark Blue.

  • Havanna

  • Indus Silver

  • Orkney Grey

  • Firenze Red

  • Santorini Black

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The Off-Roader Land Rover Defender holds it roots in the auto industry from 1948, having seen many changes in itself all through these years. It's a four-wheel drive vehicle having 3 variants namely Defender 110, Defender 130 and Defender 90. Surviving through the stiff competition, it has been able to sell approximately 15,000 to 20,000 units every year. Its body is well built through the implementation of ladder frame aluminum chassis making it all the more rugged. It has a 6-speed manual transmission along with dual-range transfer box. It gives a privilege of locking the centre differential that backs in preventing the vehicle from slipping.

Engine, mileage & variants

This four wheel drive stud is equipped with a 2.2L turbodiesel engine with highly effective pulling power. It delivers a torque of 360 Nm that is appreciable in itself. Having a consistent peak power usage of 90%, the rpm ranges between 2,200 rpm to 4,350 rpm. The six-speed manual transmission is present along with dual-range transfer box. This is meant for both on and off-road driving experience. Additionally, it has both standard and heavy duty suspension. The Land Rover Defender delivers a mileage of 10 kmpl in the city and 14 kmpl on the highway. The engine provides support by giving strength to adapt to the most inflexible environmental conditions. In conjunction with the performance orientation, the body of Land Rover Defender has been constructed on ladder frame aluminum chassis. This backs it in becoming more potential, skillful, tough and helps improving its longevity. It is designed for a swift performance to make the journey worthwhile through off and on road paths.


The ground clearance of this stud is quite considerable, which makes it manage rides through both smooth and rough terrains. It measures as 250 mm and with regards to the dimensions, its length is 4,040 mm, width is 1,790 mm and height ranges between 2,000-2,182 mm depending on the tyre and suspension choice. Besides these specifications under discussion, the wheelbase measures to be 2,360 mm. A large wheelbase is regarded to be ideal as it provides more inner space and legroom to the automobile. It's relatively much more robust than its competitors based on its bodywork. The Defender has a compatible tyre size measuring 265/75-16, 235/85-16. In the perspective of design, it is enveloped in silver color along with the black streaks. The prospective buyers can choose from an extensive range of colors. It is adorned with halogen headlamps at the front portion, which is a common feature in all the variants. Moving ahead on the side profile, it possesses sliding side windows, rear folding step, tinted front and side glass and manually adjustable exterior mirrors. Lastly, the rear portion possesses a full-size spare wheel, rear folding step and mud flaps.


The Defender has been designed in a very simple yet sturdy manner, all the same time. The front seating arrangement and steering wheel are wrapped with leather finishings. It cannot be underlined under the category of highly comfortable experience as such. In terms of connectivity, it can be considered as well connected through Bluetooth and wireless functions. The air that comes up in the regions prone to more dust, is efficiently filtered through raised air intake. This helps the vehicle to secure its air as well as put the air intake vent fixing into usage. Lastly, with context to the flooring, it is trimmed with rubber finishings, which gives it a simple look.

Safety, Braking and Miscellaneous

The consumers might feel disappointed at this point, as with the trending technology everyone expects some basic safety features. However, Defender doesn't even possess the basic attributes like airbags neither in the front or rear portion of the vehicle. However it is equipped with the Anti-Braking System (ABS), Electric Traction Control (ETC) and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). Furthermore, it possesses a Perimetric Alarm with engine immobilization. Besides the lacking points, it has one feature to make it appear on a positive side. The supplementary gears being six forward and one reverse are meant for acute circumstances. Lastly, the scope to lock the centre differential helps in blocking the vehicle from getting skidding/slipping.


A practical vehicle to drive at all times with the capability to drive at the on and off road terrains. It is a well designed robust model that is very reliable when maintained in the appropriate way. However, on the negative side, it is noisy & slow. Also, it is not very comfortable for long journeys. At times, there is noticeable leakage of oil and water with eventual usage.

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