Bajaj Maxima Cargo helps boost an ice scramble business in Laguna

Bajaj Maxima Cargo helps boost an ice scramble business in Laguna

MANILA: An entrepreneur from Calamba, Laguna has transformed a Bajaj Maxima Cargo into a rolling store which sells the popular ice scramble in their area.

In an interview with Bajaj Philippines, Apple Mercado shared her success story and how the Bajaj Maxima Cargo helped boost her business. According to Mercado, her entrepreneurial mindset began when she started selling snacks like French fries, fishball, kwek-kwek, and siomai when she was in college. She also used to invest in a food cart business.

But now, Apple is an owner of a popular milk tea shop in Laguna. The best-seller is the aforementioned ice scramble which comes in an upgraded flavor and packaging. What made the product popular is Mercado’s innovative way of selling and distribution. When she was just starting her current business, Mercado used to peddle ice scramble using a bike. But now, her Bajaj Maxima Cargo rolling store serves as her business partner.

Bajaj Maxima Cargo

When asked why she chose Bajaj Maxima Cargo to be her three-wheeled partner, Mercado said that it was because of the vehicle’s large structure, 236.2cc engine, fuel efficiency, parts availability, and the reliable service.

In just 16 days, Mercado was able to recoup her investment. Her rolling store earns her P25,000 per day with a capital of only P400,000.

Aside from hard work and passion, entrepreneurs also need an efficient partner like the Bajaj Maxima cargo to make their business stand out. For those who are planning to start a new enterprise, Mercado reminds, “Tulad ko, kaya ka ring kargahin ng Bajaj Maxima Cargo tungo sa asenso (Just like me, the Bajaj Maxima Cargo can also carry you toward success).”

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Hazel Nicole Carreon

Hazel Nicole Carreon

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