Alloy Wheels - A Better Choice, Leading to a Better Car

  • Apr 22, 2016

MANILA: Have you ever noticed what wheels your car spin on? We highly doubt, and that’s not at all surprising. Research shows that more than 70% of car owners are unaware of type or design of wheels their four-wheeler stand on. It's only at the time of a flat tire situation that the owner looks at that highly ignorant area of his/her car. The situation is no different even at the time of car purchasing. Where customer looks and inquiries about each and every aspect of the car, forgetting the big black boy touching the ground.

Are they really that important or it's just an over-hyped issue?

The question in itself is very inappropriate. Of course, wheels are important and are at par with the engine that resides under your car's hood. They have a proportionate relation with the car's performance and ride quality.

So, they are important, hmm...Now, what is it that one should know about them?

Basically, wheels are available in two choices, one is steel and the other option is alloy. Both are way different from one another, affecting the car's performance distinctly. So, it's very important to opt for the right metaled wheels for your four-wheeled machine.

Alloy - The preferred one, know why

We compared alloy and steel wheels on different criteria and in the majority of cases alloy cracked the deal. Below you will find a detailed description of each and every test they were put under, helping you with the self-analysis. Coz it's always better to see it for yourself than to believe someone else's words.

1. Weighing Machine Doesn't Lie


Alloy wheels are much-much lighter than the steel ones. And when we write 'much' two times, it is for a reason. Quantitatively if you ask, they weight just half to their steel counterparts and thus have many benefits accompanying them. To the long list are included advantages like - improved acceleration, better performance, and enhanced ride quality. Many are not aware but alloy wheels handle road imperfection soundly, all thanks to better grip especially around the corners.

2. Mileage is all that Matters at the End of the day

Mileage matters

One question that every car buyer asks before making a purchase decision is about mileage the car is capable of offering. Only a handful people know that wheels contribute big time to this front. A wrong choice and the economy can go hey-waya. Alloy wheels being lighter leads to enhanced fuel economy, as the car would now require fewer efforts to accelerate.

3. If it's not pretty, I am not looking at them

alloy wheels are stylish

It's not that steel wheels don't look good but it's just that they follow a standard pattern. With the inception of alloy wheels, car makers got a whole new world to explore and experiment. Alloys wheels unlike the steel ones are available in number of design options, rightfully expressing one's individuality.

4. No room for rust

rested steel wheel

Alloy wheels don't attract rust, it's steel wheels that rust loves to eat the most. To protect them from the rust monster, carmakers cover steel wheels with a thick layer of paint that over the course of time wears out, thus inviting the brown alien openly.

5. Downsizing is no option here


Especially in the auto world there is no single bad word as downsizing. Car makers hate to compromise with car's design and will always fit in what best suits the situation. That's one strong reason why steel wheels are not preferred over alloy wheels. You can find a 16-inch steel wheel and utmost a 17-inch one but never an 18-inch marked steel wheel. Only an alloy wheel can fulfill this requirement and so is the accepted choice. Also, an 18-inch steel wheel will we very heavy and near to impractical to put-on.

Hence Proved, Alloy wins over Steel in the Game of Wheels.


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