5 activities for moto riders and enthusiasts in 2021

5 activities for moto riders and enthusiasts in 2021

Last year had been a challenging year since everyone was highly encouraged to comply with social distancing guidelines and embrace the “new normal” (like today). Nevertheless, the year 2020 also brought numerous new opportunities for motorcycle riders. 

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI), the leading manufacturer of high-quality motorcycles in the country, introduced five activities that motorcycle riders can do for 2021.

Pamper your motorcycle

If you have constantly worked hard, gone on road trips with co-riders, and gathered more opportunities last year, then your motorcycle deserves a treat — in the form of new accessories and regular maintenance checks. If your goal is for your motorcycle to continuously perform well and remain in good condition, then proper maintenance is essential. With this, you will be able to enjoy a thrilling ride anywhere you want to go. 

Explore new places

Anyone would love to travel to a new place, whether you are a rider or not, given that travel restrictions and quarantine measures were very stringent last year. Chances are, most people have been longing to go to historical landmarks, beaches, and other tourist attractions again. 

Fortunately, travel restrictions eased during the later part of 2020 and the same thing goes for this year. Perhaps, this is your opportunity as a motorcycle rider to safely visit places in the country that you have never been to before.

Ride with fellow motorcycle riders and enthusiasts

When it comes to passion for riding, no one can better understand you than your fellow riders and enthusiasts. Try joining motorcycle clubs and organize a ride to a specific location. Through this, you will be able to learn more opportunities, get to know your motorcycle buddies, and hear their stories about places they have gone to recently or in the past.

Discover new opportunities

The year 2020 was also the year when delivery couriers were in demand. Groceries, food, and other essential items have been easily brought to the homes of most people who have ordered online because of these services. Thus, it is possible that such ventures for motorcycle riders will continue this year.  You just need to find the appropriate places for such new opportunities. 

Extend help whenever possible

Make an effort to help frontliners and provide essential goods to communities that have been affected by tragedies last year aside from the pandemic, such as those who lost their homes and loved ones due to typhoons. Deliver food and other necessities to the communities that are difficult to reach. In the process, you will be able to inspire your fellow riders and enthusiasts to extend help as well.

HPI firmly believes in the impact that a motorcycle has in the lives of people nowadays. This is the reason why it is highly committed to produce a wide range of motorcycles for Filipinos. 

Such advocacy coincides with the “One Dream” campaign of the auto company, which targets to provide the joy of mobility to motorcycle riders and enthusiasts.

Accomplishing the aforementioned activities this year will not only benefit  motorcycle riders themselves, but it will also make a difference in the community where they are in.

For more details regarding Honda promos and products, visit the official website here and follow Honda Philippines, Inc. (Facebook) and @hondaph_mc (Instagram). 

Image from Honda Philippines

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