5 Helpful Things to know before the 2016 Manila International Auto Show

  • Feb 23, 2016

Manila: The latest buzz for all the Filipinos at the moment is the start of the highly-anticipated Automobile Extravaganza, the biggest motor show in the Philippines, the 2016 Manila International Auto Show (MIAS). This glorious annual event is approaching very soon towards the country and the excitement and thrill around it can be clearly seen not only in the car fanatics but also the common Philippines audience. Automakers from all around the world are storming the city with their best machines to create a huge uproar in this Southeast Asian corner of the world.

 Therefore, to let you enjoy the event smartly and peacefully between all the excitement and happening, we have brought to you five helpful tips that might soothe you way into this upcoming automobile mecca.

1. Stick a note or Set a Reminder – Don't Forget it!


The most common habit among us human beings is the habit of forgetting things and we miss a lot because of that. Well, forgetting the date time and venue of the 2016 MIAS will cost you a big deal of fun and excitement. Therefore, the best way to keep that in mind is by sticking a note anywhere around your place with all the details of the auto show. Thus, FYI the 2016 MIAS is set to be organised at the World Trade Center (WTC), Metro Manila from April 7 - 10, 2016 between 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Note it down ASAP!

2. Pack up the Necessary Utilities – Let me take a Selfie!

Camera Clipart

 So, now when you are going to the event don't forget to miss out the experience without having a souvenir of it. Here comes the most important utility – Camera. Click out most of the upcoming launches and concept designs and boast them over your social network – Sounds Fun, ain’t it.

Walking around the long queues and crowded venue might prove very tiresome and will make you first run for water and food stall than a car launch. Hence, you might miss some wonderful happenings, but carrying a Water Bottle and a couple of energy bars will let you enjoy the show without a break.

3. Accommodations Around the Venue – Hurry Up!

Hotel Reservations

 If you are not living in Manila you got to hurry up and reserve a suitable accommodation around the venue before it's too late. Hotel prices will surely soar up during the event, so it is better to book them before a month. Map yourself out and check in the Hotels not far but in close vicinity to the World Trade Center (WTC), Metro Manila, this will save your money and will allow you to travel more. Apart from hotels, you can contact local people and couch surfers for a shared accommodation, which can save bucks for the after party.

4. Event Layout and Map – Don't Get Lost!

Event Layout Example

 The 2015 MIAS was able to gather a massive crowd of more than 110,000 visitors along with participants with stalls in hundreds of number at WTC under the 30,000 sqm hall. Therefore, you can expect that the event has only grown in size from time and this year it could be more. In such a case, it is easy to pick up an event map as soon as you enter the venue. This will not only allow you to reach your favourite Automaker's exhibition but will also help you to maneuver yourself easily in the crowd.

5. CarBay Philippines – Stay Tuned!

CarBay Logo

Last but not the least is a personal advice to Stay tuned with CarBay Philippines which will serve as a launchpad to bring you the Latest News, Feature Stories, Articles, Car Launches, Image Gallery, Concept Design Showcases, Press Releases, Videos and a lot more before and during and after the event.


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