5 Modern Day Car Features That Don\'t Add Value to Your Ownership Experience

  • Apr 14, 2016

MANILA: Automakers these days are researching and developing features to offer more comfort and convenience in their drives for the benefit of the customers. While the customers always appreciate ample cabin space, comforting upholstery, the good material at the cabin and decent safety aspects in general, there are some features which come along with your car purchase but stand no value. These features are sometimes added intentionally just for aesthetical value and sometimes to justify the price tag. There are a number of aspects which are provided commonly with drives these days but are never used practically or hold no utility factor. We have listed down few aspects which are usually given in a car but hold no benefit for the customer -


Datlight Running Light

DRLs or Daylight Running Lights are a common feature in the cars these days. Offered in the 1970s for the first time by Volvo to enhance the styling factor of its Volvo 240, this is a compulsory aspect for UK spec cars. Initially, DRLs were equipped in the cars for safety reasons where this part can make the car more visible even during dark or bright daylight. Where DRLs are plotted to detect the speed of the running vehicle, it is nothing but a confusing feature these days. Now-a-days, manufacturers are providing DRLs with LED or similar bright lights which confuse the passing by vehicles with headlamps switched on. Big brands are focusing more towards designing a bigger and expanded version of DRLs which is not really necessary. Practically, Daylight Running Lights are nothing but just a cosmetic property which enhances the front fascia of the car and hardly offer anything on the safety front.

Heated, Cooled and Massage Seats

Ventilated Seats

We really don't understand the utility of this feature. There are brands which are promoting their cars on these added features and we find it worthless. Apart from just increasing the value of the car, these features have no other practical use. Almost all cars are equipped with a decent air conditioner or climate control system and if they are capable enough to make the environment soothing, then these special seats don't make much difference. However, if you are someone who wants additional comfort and bothered with back and leg sweat, ventilated seats are a good option. Similarly, there is no practicality in the massage seats unless you have a really bad backache and can't drive. But then, why would you drive in such a bad condition.


Panoramic Sunroof

Though, not all the cars come with a panoramic sunroof but having one enhances the cosmetic value. But have you given a thought on its utility factor? A panoramic sunroof surely makes the cabin look brighter and spacious in the daytime but reverts with a cramped headroom for someone who is taller than average. A sunroof surely doesn't make your car convertible or anything nearby but you might knock down your head every time you enter and exit. Also, the harsh weather conditions would restrain you from opening this sunroof anyways. So, if you are shorter in height and not bothered about headroom, you can choose to have a sunroof, else there is no practical use of this feature other than some added bucks to the price tag.

Paddle Shifters

Paddle Shifters

This is another feature which doesn't come with every other car but surely preferred while finalizing a car. Paddle Shifters allow you to easy and quick speed switching which is completely understandable and agreeable. The flexibility of shifting gears in manual mode with this ease is surely one factor which can affect your purchase and the premium sporty feel you get along can be counted as the second. With this, you would also agree that this feature is feasible if your car has a manual transmission. Paddle Shifters are common with premium and luxury drives which are usually driven by chauffeurs which would never cross the permissible speed limit. Any guesses why people still buy a car with automatic transmission and paddle shifters? Well, at least we don't have an answer.

Integrated Rear Spoiler

Rear Spoiler

A car with integrated rear spoiler is really a good buy if you want to race in a circuit or your intentions are to drive it on the road getting a speeding ticket from traffic police at every checkpoint. If this is not the case then there is no practical utility of a rear spoiler. The spoiler is aerodynamically styled to offer vital downforce required to generate better grip from the tires and on a busy road with a family hatch or sedan, there is no such need. So while there is no utility of this feature in your family vehicle, it might make you spend few more bucks.

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