7 Once Car Features You Can’t Find in Modern Cars Anymore   

  • Apr 14, 2016

MANILA: The Greek Philosopher once said 'nothing endures but change' and it seems this phrase is still true. We are in the world where technology is continuously advancing and the automotive industry is also not immune to the change. As the automotive industry continues to make advancements and the market is flooding with different types of luxury, some of the auto staples which we once knew are heading to the little trash basket of the history.

Here we have listed few features which have vanished over the last few years due to technological evolution.

Crank Windows:

Rolling Windows

 Although, we can still find the crank windows in stripped down cars, that time is not very far away when 'rolling down the window' will be entirely replaced by the 'push-button down the window.' Though not everyone is going to miss these except for those forgetful ones who need to restart the car to close the windows.

Manual Transmissions:

Manual gearbox

Like crank windows, shift-gear can also be seen in the stripper versions of models but with the modern automatic transmission being more smoother and efficient, the demand for stick-shift is gradually falling off. Although learning to drive was always more easier with the sticks.



The days are long gone when we have to stick the key in the hole to get in the car. Locking/unlocking car, opening the trunk, starting the ignition with a shiny metal key is not a common sight nowadays. The introduction of keyless entry, remote locking and a smart key has replaced the old metal key with a plastic remote and this technology can be seen in various modern cars like Honda Civic, Hyundai Veloster, Eon and many more. Now with even high-end fobs you don't need to take out the key out of your pocket as the cars unlocked automatically as you approach.



If you really remember the 8-track player and used to stock the cassettes in the glove-box, then you must be a 90s kid. But these are long gone as the current generation is now more fond of touchscreens, CD/DVDs, USB/AUX/Bluetooth connectivity.

Control Knobs/radio Knobs:

Control Knobs

We are not sure about the cassette deck, but the radio knob is going to be missed for sure as well as other control knobs. Like others, knobs are also very scarce but they are almost completely replaced by touchscreens. Omissions of knobs, levers and buttons surely declutter the driver space but to read touchscreens you have to take your eyes off from the road. With the knobs and levers, it was so much easier as you instinctively twirled or pulled without getting distracted.



With the advent of GPS technology, sat-nav and strong signals, the external antennas are shedding out drastically, instead they have found their place in the lower rear windshields or in shark fins on top of the car like Toyota Fortuner and many more.

Full-size spare tyre:

Full-Size Spare Tyres

Unlike today's run-flat spare tyre, earlier the cars used to have a full-size tyre for an emergency.With these tyres, you didn't have to worry about getting it repaired in urgency, unlike today's run-flat tyres which are designed to use for limited distances only and that too under the limited speed.

New Developments in cars and latest features do make our life somewhat easier but these old features have their special place in our heart which is not going to fade away soon. Everyone has his own driving memories and features they are fond of, so do share your automotive memories or feature which we might have missed.


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