Google Self-Driving Car- A Far Reaching Approach In Technology

  • Dec 11, 2015

You love traveling or there is someone is who ill/handicapped or blind that you wish to provide help too?? But sadly you don't possess the knowledge of driving at the first place and there is no one around to seek help from! Then what will you actually do?? Well, don't need to pity yourself by being imagine yourself being enveloped in this circumstance as we are delighted to burst your worry bubble that will not make you feel eased up but will also make you wonder that how technology has made our lives so awesome. Yes, we are going to reveal the smart idea generated by Google that is named as “Google Self-Driving Car.”

 Google Car Front Image

The “Google Self-Driving Car” will rescue all your worries and wrap in the environment of happiness and pleasure at the same time through its unimaginable creation. As we very well know that technology is such a factor that keeps itself up to date, Google has always pleased us with its extraordinary package of products and services that has taken a special place in our hearts and minds. All this has been possible due to its user-friendly interference, openness to change and experimentation, etc. The products/services don't need any special mention as we are well versed with the Google Apps, Chromecast, Google Phone, Emailing Service, GPS, etc. In this regard, Google has now made its stronger footprint through the introduction of its driverless technology launched in the form of a car namely “Google Car.”

Google Chauffer Pic

The “Google Car” as the title of the write-up suggests that it is a Driverless car with some uniqueness in itself under which the travelers can commute to different places without the need of a driver. Yes, it will act as a smart Chauffer to drive you through places where you find yourself being unknown to that too without any a headache and acknowledge of the routes or directions. It has been designed in such a manner that it is intelligent to detect passing vehicles and humans in its path/way of Google Car through the help of different colored objects and shapes installed in the software that is being handled the Safety Drivers. The view is undoubtedly very crystal clear as it has a 360 perspective to it and has also been put through a varied number of driving tests. The software has symbolized the patterns, objects, shapes and location through various colors that help the car to detect when to halt, change its route and any other respective action that needs to be taken as per the situation. Google Self-Driving Project aspires to cater the basic needs of the consumers in terms of Security (Safety), Less Parking Area Usage, User who can travel with utmost mobility and effortlessness. The entire functioning is monitored from time to time by the up to date feedback/reviews that are amended by the developers to make the user's journey worthwhile.

Google Self Driving Car Video

(Video Courtesy: Google Self-Driving Car Project)

Driverless Car Technology Click

We are certain that you must have been left spellbound with this captivating Google Self-Driving Technology that equally gives an experience of dealing with a Robot. The project is also known as “Google Chauffer.” We won't delay any further in mentioning the fact that this driverless car technology must have appeared to you as a spectacular attribute and somewhere in the corner of your mind you would have wished to plan to buy this Google Car.


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