Prestone shares importance of 'summer-proof' auto fluids

Prestone shares importance of 'summer-proof' auto fluids

MANILA: Prestone Philippines reminds motorists to do the necessary preparations and maintenance on their vehicles to keep them in tip-top shape and condition this summer season.

The leading manufacturer of coolants and brake fluids in the country highlighted the importance keeping a car’s brake system in top shape. Part of it is involves checking the brake fluid as it keeps the brake system’s moving parts lubricated and protects the metal components from corrosion.

Due to the high temperature brought by the summer season, the brake fluid is more likely to absorb water, which can decrease the boiling point and increase the risk of a spongy feeling in the pedal or even complete brake failure.

Car Maintenance with Prestone

Worn-out brake fluid can also affect vehicles with auto brake systems whose components are sensitive to moisture. It is important to keep the brake fluid fresh by using a trusted and high-quality product that is suitable for the car.

Prestone offers the DOT 4 Synthetic Hi-Temp Brake Fluid for systems that need high-temperature compatibility. It has a dry boiling point higher than 260ºC and wet boiling point more than 165ºC. It delivers an unparalleled performance that protects all metals within the braking system. It is compatible with most current vehicle models in the market and works best for disk, drum, and ABS brakes.

To further enhance the vehicle’s protection from the summer heat, Prestone has launched the Asian Ready-to-Use Coolant Range that comes in three variants: Asian Red, Asian Blue, and Asian Green. Each variant is made up of a phosphate organic acid technology (POAT) formula that provides superior boil and corrosion protection.

Prestone is also reminding motorists to always check the vehicle’s “BLOWBAGETS” before heading out to ensure safety on the road. Thee include, yes, the brake fluid, lights, oil, coolant, battery, air, gas, engine, tires, and self.

Car Maintenance with Prestone

Prestone also encourages car owners to buy products from trusted brands as there are shops which sell old and fake brake fluid that could damage and overheat the vehicle’s engine and makes it more prone to accidents. To check the product’s authenticity, look for its details and make sure that it has a PS mark or ICC stickers from the Bureau of Product Standards.

To learn more about Prestone’s products, visit the official website at and follow Prestone Philippines on Facebook.

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