Building the Best Car Audio System : Important Things To Consider

  • May 06, 2016

Not everyone buys a car for just its fuel economy or to use it merely as a means of commute. The vehicle’s design, interior comfort, handling and engine power all come into play when buying a car. All these properties come as standard on the vehicle and cannot be changed (unless you decide to spend a fortune) once the vehicle is purchased. However, one of the most commonly changed vehicle accessory post sales is the audio unit. While premium brands provide some of the most advanced audio/video systems that money can buy, there are some who aren’t really satisfied with the amount of ‘oomph’ they get from the company equipped infotainment system. But before you consider pulling out your humble audio unit to replace it with a more powerful one, there are several precautions you must take.

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1. Know Your Requirements

Before you even think of replacing your vehicle’s audio system the first question you must ask is if you even need a new system. Just because your audio system is company fitted doesn’t mean it has to be bad. The only reason why most people choose the replace audio systems in a car is when they are not very satisfied with the sound quality. Additionally you must also make a note of all the components you would need to build your car’s audio. Whether you need a CD/DVD player, simple USB input, Aux support, bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity. The number of speakers required, CD changer, amplifier, connecting cables etc. all need to be considered before you start anything.

car amp

2. Choose Your Amplifier Wisely

There are some times when your car audio is unable to do justice to the music you’re listening. Especially when you’re a fan of high fidelity music such as rock, jazz or heavy metal where every frequency matters, it is better to buy a more powerful amp. It is common for most people to associate clarity with loudness, but these two things are totally unrelated. Hence, buying the loudest amp might also not be very helpful, if you want clarity than simply breaking the decibel levels. The power of the amp should also be in tandem with the speaker size as it would result in a certain disaster if you choose a larger amp than your speakers could handle.

Car speakers

3. Speaker Size and Quality Matters A Lot

After you’ve chosen the amplifier, the next important component is the speaker. Depending on the amp’s power you can choose a basic setup of 4 speakers and tweeters for optimal sound clarity. If you have installed a more powerful amp, then it is better to choose larger sized speakers that can easily handle the output, while providing all the required frequencies in the music. It is common for a lot of buyers to go for large speakers and audio clusters that are usually retrofitted in the vehicle’s trunk or boot area. These systems sure sound great but can also drain your battery pretty quickly. You could use a separate power supply for the audio system but in case you’re a casual listener, this would totally be unnecessary.

Sound Proofing

4. Sound Proofing to Improve Output Quality

Simply installing an expensive audio system doesn’t mean you can get the best of sound in your car. Sometimes, a noisy cabin and excessive vibration from outside can easily dampen the best of car audio systems, making all your investment seem worthless. In such cases one can also call for some professional help and get his vehicle interiors sound proofed. Although, modern cars are already built to keep noise and vibrations outside the cabin, this might not hold true for older models. Adding a little foam in strategic places with some insulating material will not only result in a much quieter cabin, but will also allow you to enjoy music with the best of clarity inside the car. Unfortunately, this isn’t much of a do-it-yourself task and might require some professional assistance.

Car EQ

5. Do Not Forget the Importance of Equalization

This tip is only for those who like a little attention to detail while listening to music. Installing an expensive audio system can surely satisfy casual music listeners but if you have a specific taste, you know the system needs to be tweaked a little to sound the way you want to. The equalizer often goes unnoticed when talking about most people who listen to music in their vehicles. It might sound a little surprising since we’re already quite far in this discussion, but a carefully set eq. can actually eliminate the need for replacing your audio system. This surely needs a little more technical knowledge than what a casual listener can possibly have, but the results are nothing less than magical and can make even the crappiest of songs sound like the Beatles (not talking about Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black here).

A car audio system surely comes last when looking at the best features in a new car. However, we also know that a drive in your favorite car will surely be drab and bland without an audio system that rocks. Following the above tips will not only help you choose a great system for your car but will also help you enjoy music at its best while cruising in your car.


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