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  • Dec 02, 2015

MANILA: Sunroof Cars give an extraordinary experience, which makes one feel on top of the world. Leaving its mark on the minds and hearts, from children to adults, which is a very special feeling altogether be it on a special occasion or excursion. The dawn gives an experience of the sun sneaking from the bunch of clouds, the fleet of birds, fluttering tree branches which are pleasing to the senses. Referring the sunroof turns out to be moonroof during the night time where one can feel himself in the midst of the star-studded sky, dazzling line around the moon, fireflies adding beauty to the scenic beauty. Before being a part of this memorable trip, we need to be informed about certain suggestions that keep up the sunroof under desirable condition.

The following are the points of consideration for the same:-


 1) Leaking Sunroof:

Visualize a day when you forgot to carry an umbrella and got heavily drenched, which made you suffer from high fever and cold! Well, this was quite unexpected isn't it? However, imagine if the same incident would have happened with your swanky car. Scary! Yes, indeed it is, as the expensive interiors will get affected to a great extent. So, before you get in the clutch of such kind of situation let us guide you through some vital steps to fix any such kind of issue.

1.1) Clean up of Drain Tubes with air

1.2) Clean up of Drains through Metal Wire

1.3) Mending the Seal



2) Jammed Sunroof:

As per this process, the user will be required to disjoin the glass panel through the usage of a screwdriver or drill. Scan the probability of a broken components/gears and if it is present then scrub the gathered grease/scrap. After completing this step, you can fix back the glass panel.


 3) Orderly Clean Up Process:

In order to bestow the car's sunroof with a healthy life, one must keep a check at scheduled intervals to experience a struggle free trip. For that, a glass cleaner should be used, which shouldn't contain ammonia or vinegar. The rubber covering that fortifies the sunroof should be swabbed with mild liquid soap or a soft cotton cloth. In addition, it needs to be greased with a silicone base. Inspect if you locate any wax accumulated on the metal frame of sunroof top, and in order to wipe it off use an old toothbrush and light detergent. Lubricating the inner linings of the gliding tracks holds utmost importance in pursuance of a smooth sliding sunroof.


 4) Sunroof not to be put in usage during:

When your car is expected to be in the parking range of a bus or even while encountering any trail of under construction structure. Additionally during busy hours, and when your car is stuck in the jam, etc.

Plant through sunroof

 5) Keep away from unconventional use:

You are fond of plants and love to adore your garden with a wide range of them? Halt! We aren't planning to gift you any plant here. Rather making you aware about the negative repercussions of keeping unconventional/odd elements put through your sunroof. Those unconventional elements refer here as a ladder, tall plants, etc. Still just in case you have no other means to carry these commodities then you should tie them properly.

2014 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid

 6) Low-temperature zone should be avoided:

When you encounter a cold temperature weather condition then we advise to close down the sunroof due to the chances of the sunroof to get stuck, and if you would accidentally/deliberately open it that might lead to a mis-happening.


7) Drooping Plants/Trees:

A trip traveling through dense vegetation/forest is certainly a pleasing sight. Nevertheless, the drooping, dangling fruits/coconuts trees can lead to a significant damage to the sunroof. Furthermore, while indulging oneself in such a feel one should be very cautious as the direct speedy air can cause harm to the eyes, fracture the ribs and can lead the passenger to dive out of the car sunroof due to high speed on the braker(s).

car with kids

8) Keep the Children Safe:

The sunroof is an attribute that not only mesmerizes adults but is also delightful for the kids. So, the parents/guardians should be more vigilant while using this as the smooth defective sunroof can cause some accident.


In the end, we can come to the conclusion from these guiding points of explanation that thrill holds an importance place in the busy daily schedule still keeping these points in consideration can back us in staying far from any mis-happening and can furthermore keep up the car in the desirable state. This informative article can help one in saving time and energy as well as a huge chunk of their hard earned money.


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