Car DIY Requisite for Polishing Up Your Car

  • Dec 08, 2015

“A friend is someone who doesn't judge you no matter what, and also stands in your highs and lows of life” is a general statement we all know from our childhood days. Right?? And we all have possess few yet very dependable clan of friends who always stand by our side. Although what if your car needed one! You heard it right, we are taking in terms of your car longing for a friend who always be there for it, to pin point weaknesses and helping to overcome them. Insane? No we are in the perfect sense of mind and targeting here to put forward some important Car DIY hacks that will help you through tough times and also polish up your automobile. You must have certainly come across various DIY's spread across the Internet, however this one will enlighten you in terms of the Car DIY.

Here are the points of consideration as mentioned below:-

Car Dent Repair Image

1) Car Dent Repair:-

You brought a new swanky car for yourself? Or be it even an old, you must be surely possessive in maintaining its beauty by all means. However, what if someone abruptly breaks into the traffic and hits your car leaving an ugly dent on it! Yes, we know that's very painful at sight but a simple method that we will be mentioning here will cure the injury caused to your vehicle. Source some dry ice/hand dryer or a bucket filled with hot water and use either of these resources to mend the dent.

Treating Frozen Car Lock Pic

2) Fixing Frozen Car Lock:-

Your car lock got stuck/frozen in the cold weather? No problem! A simple hand sanitizer can lend a help hand in de-icing the car lock as it has considerable amount of alcohol with the inability to break the ice and finally solving your issue.

Fixing Car Scratches Photograph

3) Nail Polish Fixing Cracks & Scratches:-

Nail Polish is a part of the cosmetic range/category, and must be sounding bizarre in these DIY's context. But halt! It's application can help you match, not your dress attire rather the paint/texture your car possesses. In a nutshell it heals the cracks and somehow doesn't make it more worse by increasing, and also removes the scratches that your car is tarnished with.

Tracking Parked Car Click

4) Car Tracker Hack through Mobile Video or Photograph:-

You parked your car in the crowded place or for that matter even if its a almost vacant place, you can still have a remedy to locate it when you come back. The easy hack for doing it, is capturing a picture of the vehicle or you can even make a small video of the parking area. Sounds crazy! But trust us that it is way more easier to discover it, and saves time rather than taxing oneself walking miles and miles and playing a guessing game.

Increasing Car Storage Snapshot

5) Increasing Storage Space:-

Your are consistently worried about managing the things in the right manner in the limited space in your car? No Hassle! All you need to do is, just purchase a Bungee Cord with a net (could be smaller or bigger as per the requirement) and fix it inside or outside your car to dodge this problem.

We are quite certain that these life saving hacks mentioned in our DIY list will help you in the most convenient manner without any dependency on anyone. We have a cache of varied articles like these, and promise to come up one by one to make your life easier and pleasant.


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