Car Tyre : Appropriate Check & Filling Process

  • Dec 22, 2015

MANILA: How far do you keep your car equipped with best of health and in smooth running condition? Well, your answer might say that we all take the best of care isn't it? We would like to oppose a bit here, as, in the list of tasks, you wouldn't have included keeping an appropriate check and filling deadline for your much-neglected tyres! Yes, the Car Tyres that actually take you through every smooth and rough ride without a complaint and frequent visit to the mechanic. But don't you realize that it runs day in and day out and face the maximum wear and tear by being exposed on the exterior portion. Let's visit the gateway of information that will reveal pertinent points about Car Tyre Care.

There are 2 kinds of Car Tyres:-

1) Radial Tyres

1.1) Tube

1.2) Tubeless

2) Cross ply or bias ply Tyres

Understanding the entire process in the following manner:-

First and foremost before moving ahead, we need to be aware of the categories of tyre-Pressure Gauges that incorporates namely: Digital, Dial and Internal Slide. In order to keep your car running at a swift pace without the experience of making it appear as if it's been dragged deliberately, one needs to keep a check of the Car Tyre Air Pressure. In most of the situations, the Digital tyre Pressure Gauge is treated relatively cheap than the other measuring devices.

Judging the Type of Car Tyre Inflation Requirement:

The recommended tyre pressure for cars is mentioned on two areas of the car, one is marked on the edges of the tyre and the other one is marked near the driver's gate in the form of tyre sticker. It is very critical to understand both these recommendations in terms of its applicability, as both have contrast influence on the tyre pressure. The marking is based on two types of pressure termed as “Operational Pressure” and “Maximum.” Where the “Operational Pressure” is the minimum air pressure required in the car tyre mentioned by the car manufacturer based on the model type. However, on the contrary, the “Maximum Pressure” is determined to fully fill the tyre with the air pressure without hampering its normal functioning.

The Car Tyre Pressure is measured in “psi format”, which is recommended to be checked early in the morning or whenever you leave your home. As with the change in terms the psi increases in number due to change in temperature that will make the measurement inaccurate. The timely check when the tyre is in the cool state will result in right air pressure for car tyres (or even after its been run for a while, it takes half an hour for it to cool down).

Steps to be followed for Inflating Car Tyres:-

1) Source an Owner's Manual, Tyre Pressure Gauge and a Petrol Pump/Fuel Station equipped with air pressure machine/air hose.

2) The tyre pressure gauge needs to be put into use to check the accurate and current air pressure in the tyre that will inform us about the requirement or adequacy of air in the tyre.

3) Cross check the tyre pressure referring to the “Operational Pressure” mentioned in detail in the above paragraph, under which if there is any requirement of air then one needs to locate a nearby air hose station.

4) The car should be ideally placed on a flat surface, where the air hose should be accessible for each tyre of the car.

5) Remove the stem present on the tyre in order to fill the air, and keep it safely inside your car or in your pockets.

6) Attach the air hose fitting on the valve, if the air is felt outside the periphery of the valve then it is not tightly fixed. Re-fix it to supply the air in an appropriate manner, and now verify the air being filled to the recommended car tyre air pressure.

7) The air pressure can check the tyre pressure gauge recommended to be carried by the car owner or through the air hose machine.

8) If the air pressure is more than the required range, then release the excess by pressing down the tyre pressure gauge.

9) Enclose the stem cap, and resume with your commute schedule.

Video Courtesy: 1A Auto Parts

We hope that this article will be very supportive for every car user who lacks knowledge about the Car Tyre Filling Process. It is of great importance to keep the air fully intact in the tyres as it affects the fuel efficiency and overall performance of the car for short as well as long distances.


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