Most Common Driving Mistakes

  • Oct 08, 2015

MANILA: Driving is the best thing in the world (well, for all petrolheads at least). The feeling you encounter when you get behind the wheel and unleash the beast, unwinding after a tiring day, letting your hair down and laying off the stress. But even for the selfless devotees of auto – driving isn't always pleasant. The jam-packed traffic and lousy drivers make driving tiring, unenjoyable and often tragic. But have you ever thought – what makes driving so distasteful? Well, it's the common driving mistakes the other drivers and we make. They may not sound dangerous, but some of these mistakes can have a hazardous impact on you and your loved ones. You might think that this is for amateur drivers, but no even the most proficient drivers often make these mistakes – which are easily avoidable and can eliminate any chances of accidents.

We at CarBay shares top 6 most common made driving mistakes that are easily avoidable with just a little presence of mind and caution while driving. Read along and we ensure you by the end of the article you will be a better driver.


Faulty Signals:

We can never stress enough on the importance of correct signaling while driving. Still, it is the most repeated mistake that is continuing for generations. If you think, only learning drivers commit this mistake. Let us bust the myth, even drivers who have mastered the art make these mistakes when in a rush or distracted. Wrong signaling or not signaling at all may look harmless but can have an adverse effect. Often while turning or changing lanes on a crowded road, if we fail to switch on the indicators, we might confuse the drivers coming behind and often lead to a collision. Therefore, it is very important that you be précised while signaling.


Poor Turning Technique:

Turning is an art, it requires years of practice to master. Even then, many of us make this mistake. Learning how to turn your vehicle precisely, has become essential as one mistake can cause a deadly accident. Before approaching a roundabout – signal your indicators in advance to warn other drivers. Slow down your vehicle, but not necessarily drive on a 5mph speed, maintain a steady speed instead. Also, ensure you stick to your lane while making the turn.


Faulty Mirror Positioning:

While driving, we might only look at our front and drive straight, still learning about correct mirror positioning is necessary. Before turning, changing your lane or even parking aside we need to check the cars on our side and behind. For this ORVMs plays a crucial role. You can't just turn your neck and peak through the window every time. Therefore, position your side mirrors in a correct angle as it helps you to know about your surroundings without forcing you to swing your neck every time.


Using Wrong Lights:

If you think driving on high beam at all times is the best solution, then we urge you to recall what you learned when you were prepping for your driver's test and you read about the use of correct lights in different situations. Driving on high beams is not only a driving mistake but also displays your poor driving etiquettes. Using the correct headlamps on a correct intensity is crucial. While driving in the city, avoid using high beams at all. During fogs or rains, switch on the fog lights and also remember to use hazard lights to warn drivers coming behind you. Depending on the time and situation, increase or decrease the intensity or your vehicle's headlights.


Getting Distracted:

This is the most common mistake, easily avoidable and honestly a no brainer. But you would be shocked to know that 80% of the total accidents are caused because of distracted drivers. Driving while speaking on the phone, texting, eating or operating the multimedia console or even talking to a fellow passenger are common mistakes drivers make that can be deadly on the road. Try avoiding these mistakes. Also, while long trips, if you are feeling drowsy or not able to keep your focus on driving, we advise you to take a break and return when you feel more cautious. One mistake on a high speed can be fatal, therefore, be completely alert while driving.



We all have read, heard and known about it for years, but we still make the mistake of speeding. Driving aggressively and in a rash manner when we are getting late for the office or running before the light turns red or just speeding because it's an empty road, is not an option, even if you think you can handle it. Driving fast increases the chances of accidents and is an unnecessary risk that you are willing to take, just to save few minutes. Never speed, especially while driving in residential areas. Even on an empty road you never know what's there on the next turn. Always remember, roads are not race tracks – so if you want to quench your fast and furious thirst, do it elsewhere.


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