4 tips guaranteed to help you save fuel, starring the Honda Brio RS

4 tips guaranteed to help you save fuel, starring the Honda Brio RS

Gas prices are unlikely to go down anytime soon, so we have to adapt to the soaring fuel prices ourselves. It's a sad reality we have to face today, especially if we don't drive one of the various hybrid vehicles in the market

But there's good news still. Our cars can still save as much fuel as they possibly can, as long as we make the right compromises in how we use our vehicles. In our one week with the Honda Brio RS, we eked the most fuel out of the little hatchback. 


  • What fuel economy ratings did the Honda Brio achieve in eco runs done by Honda Cars Philippines and Automobile Association Philippines (AAP)?

    The Brio yielded a fuel consumption rating of 24.39kpl.
  • What are the highlight tech specs of the Honda Brio RS?

    The Honda Brio RS is powered by a 1.2-liter engine and CVT. The car weighs only 992 kilograms.
  • We've done so by following these four simple fuel-saving driving tips — some of which you can apply to your own vehicle, too.  

    Drive something that's easy on fuel 

    Well, driving in a fuel-efficient way is easier in a car that's easy on fuel to start with. 
    Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) claimed that during fuel eco runs done with the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP), the Brio achieved a fuel consumption rating of 24.39kpl
    Considering the Brio RS weighs at just 992 kilograms and the other Brio variants 23kg lighter, that figure doesn't sound far-fetched. Since there's little weight of the car to shift, the Brio variants' 1.2-liter engine doesn't get too tired and thirsty. A lighter car is always easier on fuel. 
     Honda Brio RS
    We almost matched the AAP figure at 22.5kpl — but that's during an early morning drive along EDSA from Taguig to Quezon City, with barely any traffic, and a driver with barely any body weight as the sole occupant of the Brio RS. 
    As the Brio RS took in more kilometers and weight, the fuel consumption rating naturally took a hit. But since we adhered to the next three tips, the final rating we got in the Brio RS is still commendable. 

    Accelerate and brake smoothly 

    Accelerating and braking quickly can raise your fuel usage by up to 30%. What you want to do is gradually accelerate, keep a constant speed, while maintaining the local speed limit. 
    If you see a traffic jam coming, ease off the throttle to allow the car to lower its speed gradually. By doing so, you'll only need a tap on the brake pedal to stop the car — and save fuel in the process. 
    Honda Brio RS
     When driving on the highway, one useful tip is to use cruise control, if your car is equipped with the feature. With cruise control, the car will automatically maintain a constant speed, avoiding rapid, fuel-sucking changes in speed the car would make if you were the one driving. 

    Keep it constant  

    Continuing with highway driving, you'll need to keep various factors in your driving constant to help your car save fuel. 
    We're talking about keeping the engine's revs low in the highest possible gear, and the speed in between 80 to 90kph. If your car has an Eco coaching light like in the Brio — which illuminates in the gauges when you're accelerating smoothly and keeping the said revs low and consistent — make sure that light is always on. 
    Honda Brio RS
    We drove the Brio RS along NLEX at speeds around the 80 to 100kph range, while keeping the revs between 1,500 to 2,000 rpm and the Eco light aglow. During this highway run, the driver was joined by another passenger along with overnight bags and camera gear in tow. The kpl figure according to the Brio RS's instrument panel: 18.5kpl. 

    Inflate tires to the recommended pressure  

    Inflate your car's tires to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. The ideal pressure is usually written on the car's driver side door sill. In the Brio RS, Honda recommends the hatchback's tires be inflated at 28 or 29psi. 
    By inflating your car's tires to the correct pressure, the lighter tires become, resulting in the car's engine putting in less work to turn the wheels. Of course, the result is less fuel wasted by the engine. We set the Brio RS' tires to 35psi, which could partly account for the 18 to 22kpl. 
    It's acceptable to inflate your tires at a higher pressure than prescribed, because doing so makes the tires lighter. However, this could make the car's ride firmer, so consider if you'd rather sacrifice some ride comfort for better fuel economy.

    Fuel consumption of the Honda Brio RS 

    Toward the end of our week-long stint with the car, we crunched the numbers. 
    After the Brio RS logged 328.6 kilometers, there was still 1/4 of fuel left in the car's 35-liter fuel tank. To get the actual fuel consumption figure of the Brio RS, we used the top-up method: Refuel the tank up to the brim, then divide the distance travelled with the amount of liters put in. 
    Honda Brio RS
    For the Brio RS, this was the equation: 328.6km divided by 21.9 liters. The result was an impressive 15kpl.
    That's after the Brio RS was driven in the city in moderate traffic, and was left idling every other minute during our photo and video shoot with it. 
    For more fuel-saving driving tips, please visit our YouTube channel. And for an in-depth review of the Brio RS, the ZIGWHEELS PHILIPPINES' road test section is where you'll expect it. 
    As for the bill that resulted from our fuel consumption experiment, that's a heartbreaking story better left to our finance department. 
    Photos from Dylan Afuang 

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