Preventive Measures to Evade Accidents During Rain Season

  • Nov 23, 2015

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” Yes! That's a pleasing quotation said by Bob Marley, but after engrossing devotedly in the aura of the captivating weather with a sip of coffee in hand, it's absolutely a magnetizing feel. Well! Let's not get more preoccupied in this imaginative world furthermore, as we intend to make your journey not only efficacious but also secure when it comes to the growth of predicted accidents under such set of conditions.

So, here we will outline all the pertinent information connected to the precautions one needs to follow while driving during the rainy season. So grab a cup of coffee and sit through while receiving interesting handy information that we will be divulging to you from here.

First of all, we should be aware of the probable hindrances that one might face during the travel to and fro journey:-

  1.  Slippery road surfaces

  2. Flood

  3. Slippery Mud

  4. Lightening

  5. Hydroplaning

  6. Loose debris on the roads


The frightening and most deadly among all these conditions is the “Hydroplaning”, wherein if the car is driven at a speedy pace then it might lead it to reach above the water, which makes it misplace the grasp on the surface. This situation can send you goosebumps as the car loses its complete control system with of no scope to steer the wheel and no way for traction.
Here is an in-depth list of tips that will escort you back to your comfort zone. These Preventive Measures incorporate as following:-

steer wheel

1) Steer Wheel Cautious Control:

Were you slowly singing one of your favourite songs while rejoicing into the picturesque beauty outside? That's a significantly a good manner to coddle your senses but not when you might foresee some unexpected circumstances of an accident or any minor issue too. So cut the ongoing call, remove the earphones, shut down the radio, switch off the cellphone, to be concise, keep all your electronic gadgets away in order to elude any sort of interruptions. Be keen-eyed of your surroundings by concentrating on your front and back area by fixing the rear and back view mirror to be certain that you don't come into contact with any falling tree, any kind of mudslide, electric pole, hanging electric wires, or any forthcoming threat.

Car Distance

2) Maintain a Distance:

Since each person around you would have been sailing in the same boat. So, you should be very guarded same as them in order to save yourself first and then steer clear of any sort of injury or chances of accident prevailing for them. As you cannot envision the preventive actions they might deal with as per the all of a situation. That suggests that you should keep the distance between you and your co-traveller(s) with a rule which mentions that there should be a timing of 1 second of following distance per 10 mph (16 km/hr). It is principally recommended when one is held to be suspended by unfavourable weather conditions.

Car Headlights Upload

3) Turning Headlights ON:

A turn on for a car is its ostentatious looks and marvelous features. However, Halt! We aren't making a mention of those turn on's. That was just a way of changing the critical ongoing description tone of speech to bit side-splitting one. Well, this point highlights the prominence, which should be given to turning on the headlights in order to have crystal clear visibility on the road chiefly in case of a bad weather.

Cruise Control UPLOAD

4) Strict “NO” to Cruise Control:

Cruise Control is no doubt a de-stress feature where you don't need to be as conscious as you drive under generic circumstances. You can sit back and relax but hey stop, the above lines were in connection to the general atmosphere of commuting, however, one needs to be really alert to this, during the rainy season. Cruise Control can turn perilous as it leads to Hydroplaning further with the likeliness of a skid, and sadly if you get in the clasp of this fatal situation then don't be anxious rather stay calm and hold on the steering with both the hands, let off the gas and turn it in the direction of the skid. Once the situation comes under control then you lead back your car in the accurate central position and don't make impulsive motions. One can invalidate Cruise Control through the application of brakes, but if your car is equipped with the anti-lock braking system then slow down your drive, or else it will lose its control and will skid all the more (and don't press the brakes!). The car can be a sufferer of Hydroplaning when the speed goes down under 35 mph.

Car Tyre Close Up

5) Maximum Speed is Proportional to the Tyres:

Talking in terms of the Radial Tyres they certainly have a better traction in comparison to the generic ply polyester tyres. Nonetheless, you shouldn't depend too much on them even if you have Radial one's in your car! This is mentioned due to the fact that the radial tyre misplaces it might keep a strong hold on wet pavements and water clogged areas after a certain degree.

Odd Hour Driving

6) Avoid driving at Odd Hours/Late Nights:

Night drive makes the drive fervent as well as worthwhile. However, under rainy conditions one should keep away from commuting as the two-wheeler and other dark colored vehicles generally become illusory in the dark dingy areas substantially added with the sharp-edged drops of rain falling on the perceivable surfaces of the windows and mirror. So it's additionally recommended to drive if one has to, in a light-colored vehicle in order to avert any kind of misfortune.

Rain Repellent Product

7) Usage of Rain Repellent Products:

It is distinctly recommended to keep Rain Repellent Products handy every time while travelling. So, that through the rainy season one can apply it on the glass windows of the car to make the raindrops resist and the visibility more perceptible.

Car Defrost UPLOAD

8) Switching “ON” the Defroster:

The light and cool breeze emanated by the air conditioner is very amiable in nature for every commuter. Even though, when it begins drizzling followed by rainfall thereon, one should switch to the Defrosting mode as it holds substantial moisture which supports in make the fog vanish, which is gathered on the windshield, thereon by clearing the visualness on the road for a secure ride.

Toyota Recalls 2010 Prius In U.S. and Japan For Brake Problems

9) Effect on the Brakes:

The wet drum brakes are subject to the curtailment in the power stoppage after riding through the deep water levels. That's why it's better to be safe by commuting at a slow yet manageable speed without reckless movements.


10) A Dangerous Splash:

It is likely to face any kind of splash outs in various forms including potholes, clogged drainage pipes, low regions of pavement, accumulated water at few areas, etc. So, it's better to watch out our actions and give a miss to face any of these problems, by parking in an appropriate lane and dodging them when it makes the appearance.


11) Keep the “Floody Roads” at arm's length:

One should never travel through standing water or flowing water on the road until and except for its an emergency! as you cannot forecast the depth of the water. Taking a plunge of driving under deep water can lead the car to sway away from the main road and also with a possibility of flooding the engine of the car by effecting it to block up the engine from running.


12) Wipers Blades are Paramount:

The car keepers should keep a rigorous check on the state of the wipers, especially once a year. Over and above that, if your car has taken age it is highly expected that the wiper arm should be put back as the arms bend and even lose its competency, which clear the windshield not as much as it does when it is in a very new condition. Wipers benefit in clearing out the light weight raindrops from the windscreen with barely some sweeps, then can to some extent run on a dry screen and leave blemish of dry dirt.


Well, we are convinced that your well over a cup of coffee might have been finished by now. You can now ease up and burst the panic bubble. As this inclusive pool of information could come handy when commuting in the isolated and dark pitch regions, pothole prone roads or any similar situation. So, when the journey is presumed to be so serene and delightful then why not make it worthwhile by being little apprehensive of the threats, its follow-through and procedural steps to shun being a victim of any sort of unthought accident. A word of mouth can not only make you well informed as well can train the other people how to relish the riding glory with safety in just a click away (on our official website).


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