Kawasaki CT100 vs Skygo Wizard Comparison

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Overview Kawasaki CT100 Skygo Wizard
₱43,000 ₱41,000
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User Review Comparison

Kawasaki CT100
  • P
    Phillip May 16, 2022 for Kawasaki CT100

    I bought this Kapchai nearly three years ago. Ever since it arrived in my life, it has eased the hassle of my daily commutation with its efficient functionality and extremely Read More

  • G
    Greggy Jan 17, 2022 for Kawasaki CT100

    Similar to its big brother, the CT125, the CT100 is a power-packed performer in terms of its mileage. The 100cc bike is what the everyday Philliponos can rely on for Read More

  • C
    Cearo Oct 31, 2021 for Kawasaki CT100

    Nothing beats efficiency if you're like me, a daily commuter who has little interest in having fun on a motorcycle. I have a 250cc bike, but I commute on the Read More

  • N
    Nhomer Apr 19, 2021 for Kawasaki CT100

    I am a bike lover but have some limit in terms of budget. But who wants to compromise in quality even while buying an affordable two wheeler? Same I did Read More

  • s
    Seth Jan 05, 2021 for Kawasaki CT100

    The Kawasaki CT100 is a sleek looking beauty that does absolute justice to the 100cc segment. It is a great option for people who have limited usage from their bikes Read More

Skygo Wizard
  • K
    Kevin Apr 17, 2022 for Skygo Wizard175

    Skygo is known for making simple and hugely practical bikes. The Wizard 175 is in that class. The bike is as simple as it can be. It comes with a Read More

  • K
    Kevin Apr 17, 2022 for Skygo Wizard

    The reason why people buy Skygo two-wheelers is that they are extremely easy to ride. These are uncomplicated and fuel efficient vehicles. The Skygo Wizard 125 is no different. It’s Read More

  • R
    Reuven Feb 21, 2022 for Skygo Wizard175

    The Skygo Wizard 175 is indeed one of the most unique commuter bikes that comes with a 175cc engine range in the Phillipines. The 12hp output motorbike is a true Read More

  • A
    Ashlee Feb 21, 2022 for Skygo Wizard

    The Skygo Wizard 125 is another great addition to the commuter community present in the Philippines. This bike has features that make it a truly unique proposal for the users. Read More

  • M
    Mike Jan 06, 2022 for Skygo Wizard175

    I purchased my Skygo Wizard 175 as it seemed like the best contender in its range in terms of performance within my budget. The best part is that it doesn’t Read More

From The Experts

  • Pros
  • Cons
Kawasaki CT100

Great power output

Fuel efficient

Impressive durability and agility

Skygo Wizard


Decent performance

Kawasaki CT100

Lacks disc brakes

Skygo Wizard

Cheap build quality

Dated design

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