3 safety tips that every rider must know this rainy season

3 safety tips that every rider must know this rainy season

As the country continues to face the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, here comes the rainy season. Riders now not only have to worry about contracting the virus, but also need to consider the unexpected downpours. 

Motorcycles have been the practical and safe mode of transportation amid the pandemic. Delivery riders and most essential workers use motorcycles to fulfill their daily work tasks.

As an advocate of road safety, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI) shares some safety measures that riders must be mindful of when driving along a wet road.

Check the fluids before heading out.

It is important to check motorcycle fluids because when oil leaks are mixed with water, it results in slippery and dangerous situations. Beginners who are still unfamiliar with motorcycle parts may visit a mechanic to have it checked, but plenty of easy-to-check motorcycles are also available in the market for a starter’s skill level.

The Honda BeAT is an ideal motorcycle for first-time riders as it comes with user-friendly features that guarantee safety and comfort. It also comes with advanced features such as enhanced Smart Power (eSP), combi brake system (CBS), informative semi-digital meter with eco indicator, and idling stop system (ISS). The BeAT has a suggested retail price of P67,400 for the standard variants and P70,400 for the Premium (ISS/CBS) variants.

Gear up in rainy-day essentials.

Wearing proper riding gear such as helmets, pads, raincoats, rain boots, and riding jackets guarantee the overall protection of every rider during the rainy season. It might be inconvenient for some riders to bring these items as they take up to much of the motorcycle’s luggage space but thankfully, some motorcycles are engineered with sufficient power and storage space to carry these essentials.

Another Honda motorcycle reliable during rainy season is the AirBlade150, which is powered by a 150cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled engine. It is equipped with a 22.7-liter U-box where the rider can store the riding gear. It also comes with other modern features including a smart key, a power socket, and a front-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS). The AirBlade 150 is priced at P109,000.

Ensure tires are properly inflated and have proper brake padding.

Since slippery roads can make turning and braking more difficult for motorcycles, make sure that tires are inflated with the pressure suitable for wet roads, and have proper brake padding so you can easily stop when needed.

Motorcycles come in various forms of brakes to suit any riding style, just like the all-new Honda PCX160 that comes in two variants: the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) variant and the Combi-brake System (CBS) variant. Both variants come with front and rear disc brakes.

The ABS variant features the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) that ensures smooth stopping performance even during sudden brakes. It is priced at P133,900. Meanwhile, the CBS variant combines the front and rear brakes to enable smoother handling while braking. It has a starting price of P115,900.

As the rainy season makes it harder for riders to hit the road, safety becomes more crucial. Thankfully, Honda motorcycles continue to provide the joy of mobility to Filipinos and help them fulfill their daily tasks.

In a statement, Honda Motorcycle Planning Department Manager Hervic Villa said, “With the motorcycle once again serving as a major mode of transportation to deliver essential goods to our doorsteps and for workers as they go to their workplaces, riders must ensure even more their safety on the road. At Honda, we will do our best to keep providing value-added, high-quality motorcycles for Filipinos to face the pandemic and show support to our hero riders.”

To learn more about Honda’s wide array of motorcycle models, log on to the official website of HPI at hondaph.com, like the Honda Philippines, Inc. Facebook page, and follow @hondaph_mc on Instagram. For inquires, call (02) 8581-6700 to 6799 or (0917) 884-6632.

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