Mitsubishi PH achieves 1,000 consecutive 'safe days'

Mitsubishi PH achieves 1,000 consecutive 'safe days'

MANILA: Last February 26, Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) celebrated 1,000 consecutive days without a major or "lost-time" accident. This milestone shows the efforts of MMPC in staying true to its commitment of maintaining a safe workplace for its employees. Major or lost time accident (LTA) is an incident where an employee was involved in an accident that caused inability to get back to work.

MMPC completed a total of 5.6 million safe working hours, which is more than twice its previous record. In November 2019, the company registered a 2.6 million safe-hours record, making it the recipient of the Safe Man-Hours Award from the Safety Organization of the Philippines.

Mitsubishi 1,000 Safe Days

In a statement, MMPC President and CEO Mutsuhiro Oshikiri said, “The Management of MMPC would like to commend its Safety Department team for their proactive efforts in assuring the well-being of all MMPC employees. We also would like to thank our colleagues for their discipline and cooperation to follow all safety guidelines. With this achievement, not only do we maintain a safe working environment but we also generated many cost and work efficiencies that is much appreciated especially at a very challenging time like now.”

Mitsubishi 1,000 Safe Days

To promote safety habits in the workplace, the Safety Department team of MMPC actively organizes relevant programs including daily safety inspections and 5S and 5T activities. The team is regularly issuing safety memorandums to employees and safety signage reminders are clearly posted all over the work areas. The company also conducts mandatory basic occupational health and safety training to increase the safety awareness among its employees.

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