A New Smaller Car or a Used Bigger Car - The Ever Bothering Question

  • Apr 13, 2016

MANILA: Car buying decision is never a simple one, especially for those have always dreamed of owning his/her own car. What bothers a buyer most is the big amount of money involved with this decision, plus the constant want to get the best at the lowest possible price. Here's, where the thought of buying used car drops in over going for a new car. It's like, our mind is jumbled with thoughts like -

How about a bigger used car, over the smaller used car?

What if used car comes out to be a total loss?

Am I making a mistake pouring in my saving in a used car?

The list is endless, with additional inputs coming from friends, relatives, and self-acclaimed auto junkies.

Buying a used car, small or big is always risky and requires a thorough analysis. But if you get a perfect, well-maintained used mean machine, we say it's no harm at all. However, a new car has its own credits no matter if it is small.

Hmm, not helping, right. Well, no more word games. Below are the points which will help you in making a right decision.

A Small New Car - Yes or No Analysis


Big Second-hand Car - Yes or No Analysis



A bigger second-hand car can be a wise decision, if and only if, the car comes out to be in a perfect condition and stands at all the promises made by its previous owner. If you can invest a significant amount of time on research then you may find a right buy among the used cars. But, if time is a concern and reliability matters the most, go for a new one.


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