A Very Helpful Questionnaire When Buying a Used Car   

  • Apr 26, 2016

MANILA: Buying a used car is a very daunting and tricky process as a used car might have some hidden issues that aren't obvious. And even if you have got your sights set on a particular car and bought it from the dealer or the owner, there are high chances that you realize later that you have some apprehensions and questions that you never considered until now.

Clearing your apprehensions from the car's owner ensures you that you are not dropping a thousand bucks on a car which might not cover even three miles from the used car lot. Not knowing which questions to ask when making a deal or beforehand could be an intimidating process. Asking the right questions assures that you are making a right deal and you are not falling into traps of unfair deals.

Here is our questionnaire of essential questions that will give you a clear idea about the vehicle you have your eyes on.

General questions asked:

Can I see the car's service history?

Not all the owners maintain their service book and in this case, ask the owner about the information on recent services and repairs. If no serious damage apart from few scratches and dents have been done, then you've got nothing to worry about. But if some major parts have been replaced or rectified, then ask for a detailed explanation as it will give you an insight of the life-span of that part. If service book is provided then look for the complete dealer stamps and if not available, then ask for the receipts for the service that has been done so far.

MOT Certificate?

If the vehicle is three years old, then it is a legal requirement for the owner or a dealer to have MOT certificates.

Can I take it for a test drive?

Obviously, you can't make this mistake of buying a used car without having a test drive. Even if everything seems to be in order, it is very much advisable to go for a test drive so that you're completely satisfied.

What is the fuel economy?

Knowing the mileage of the car let you determine its value. Also, you can crosscheck what the owner has said when you test drive it by yourself and if the fuel economy is poor then you should consider other options.

Was any salvage involved?

A very crucial thing to ask. Any vehicle that has been in any accident is worth less and knowing this in prior will help you save your bucks. And if the seller says 'no' and you find out that it is damaged in some way, then you need to consider other options as well.

What kind of oil is used in the car?

This is a very strong indicator as to how well maintained is the car as oil is an earmark for issues with a used car. You could ask the seller if he has ever skipped oil change or it's better to just check the oil yourself.

Are you the original owner ?

This is the best way to find out whether to go for a particular vehicle or not. If a vehicle has two or more owners, obviously it is less desirable. You don't want to go for it.

Can I get it checked up at my familiar garage?

Shoot this question once you are certain about a particular vehicle as arranging a time to visit a garage may take time and the owner might not want to be without a car for a day. It's a good idea to get the vehicle examined by a licensed mechanic on a weekend.

Go through the above questions once you are out to have a look at your prospective second-hand car.

Hope this questionnaire will help you and in case we missed out on any, share it with us in the comments below.

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