Things to Remember Before Buying a Used Car

  • Mar 11, 2016

MANILA: Buying a car is an uphill task, irrespective of the fact whether you are going for a new or used car. But at least with a new car we have a satisfaction that the vehicle does not carry any hidden faults and if anyhow it does, then the company will fully take care of the same. On the other hand, in case of a used/ second-hand mean machine, the risk is high as there is no one to listen to your grievances and you can end up with an ill health car.

Thus, buying a used car is no child's play and is an art that one should major in, before purchasing a used car. Today, we'll tell you how to best inspect a used car and check how reliable it really is. Below are mentioned few essay but must know tricks to check your next possession's health.

Exterior Inspection 

Take a 360-degree car tour and look for any kind of waviness indicating towards a past paint job. Also, look for rust spots, dents, and scratches.

Check out the tires, see if all four are same and have worn out in the same proportion. Look for bad alignment as it is common among aggressively driven cars, and indicate towards a possible suspension and frame damage.

Check the saddle area (one joining front fender and radiator) and if you find any welding marks, drop the idea of buying the car.

Under-car inspection is a must, scope yourself down and see for any rust spot. Don't forget the exhaust pipe check for possible leakage by sticking your figure in the pipe. If it comes out greasy, a problem is sure residing.

Under Hood Soundness

First and foremost don't be scared to open the hood, as even a layman can follow these simple steps and know about the car's health.

After opening the hood, see all the corners joining the inside with the outer body. Vehicle Identification Number is what matters here if it's not present that means that a particular part has been replaced.

Engine block examination, have a look at the big engine block and see if there are any oil spots or corrosions. If so, it may lead to an expensive repair work in the future.

Pull out the transmission dipstick and see if it shows a pink or red fluid color. If yes, then it's safe, but if in case you witness any foul smell, a problem is under construction.

Cabin Check-up

Aim for all the functional buttons present on the center console, see if all are working or not.

An air-con check is a must, old cars can have a coolant malfunction.

See if all indications on the instrument binnacle are properly working.

Try starting the car and see all the warning signs. Also, remember to check the AUX, USB and charging port.

Reaching the decision

Always go with a person who knows cars better, he'll help you taking the right decision. Or else take a mechanic with you to check the car's health.

Never pay the sticker price, used cars are negotiable items, so always try to bring down the said price tag.

Lastly, do remember to check the car's service history, it contains all the important information about its repair, performance, and problems.


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