Afraid of Paying Hefty Repair Bills – Check out these Handy Tips

  • Apr 18, 2016

MANILA: Are you worried about the repair bills every time you send your car to the workshop? As a car owner, you must be concerned about the additional expenses which comes in the form of heavy bills for repair and maintenance. When your car is new, you take it for maintenance service on a regular basis, well, not sure if owning a 'new car' is the motivation or the warranty provided by the brand but, when your car is few years old, the care and concern are diluted. Over the time a car needs care and regular maintenance and ignoring this fact may lead you to pay heavy repair bills.

Here are some tips which can keep your car in perfect condition without making expensive trips to the workshop -

KYC - Know Your Car

Know Your Car

As an owner, you should have at least the basic information about your car. Better would be to go through the manual which comes with the car kit or you can also check out the information and details provided by the brand online. There are numerous advisory and informative videos and articles online which can help you in knowing your car in a better way.

Servicing at Appropriate Intervals

Servicing at Proper Intervals

Precaution is better than cure and this applies not only to your personal health but also to your car health. If you really want to avoid paying that hefty service and repair bill, you should better start sending your car for a regular servicing or at least get the motor oil changed at regular intervals to avoid any damage to the engine. Proper maintenance would even make your ages old car look and perform like a new one. Try this tip and you won't be disappointed!

Appropriate Tire Pressure

Check out the Type Pressure

Most of the car drivers don't consider tire pressure an important part of regular maintenance. Usually, this features is in the checklist only when you are using your car for a long/weekend drive. But do you know that appropriate tire pressure can enhance the fuel efficiency of your car by 3.3 percent while improper pressure can not only encourage the fuel consumption but also may lead to excessive wear and tear of the tires.

Keep Fuel above Quarter Mark

Fuel Tank

Yeah! This may sound weird to you but driving a car on below the quarter mark on fuel gauge can actually damage your car. The fuel in a car works like a coolant for an electric fuel pump and when the fuel is low, it starts allowing the pump to suck air. This may result in creating excessive heat and ultimately damage the fuel pump prematurely. Also, keep the fuel tank clean else the dirt may block the fuel filter leaving you with the only option of changing it which would burn a hole in your pocket for sure.

Check out those Flashing signs

Warning Signs

Most of the people ignore the sign flashed at the instrument cluster from time to time. Well, all we would say is this practice may lead you to spend all your savings on the maintenance bills of your beloved car. Better would be to check out the actual problem and get it rectified there and then without waiting for it to get worse. The piled up car problems will surely leave you with a big bill which we don't think you are ready for.

Knot down the Manufacturer's advice

Manufacturer's Advice

This is one thing which you should never ever ignore. The manufacturer has the best idea about its cars and so in best benefits of the owner, it offers some advice and checklist which are given in the brochures and manuals. Also, various manufacturers organize special maintenance camps at their service centre and dealerships to assist the owners in proper maintenance of their vehicles.

Learn the Basic Maintenance

Learn The Basics

If you really want to cut down the heavy repair bills, do the small things on your own. It is not that very difficult to change the fused light bulb of your car or to check the coolant level to appropriate. There are petty things for which we always look out to the nearest workshop without thinking that we can do it ourselves without any investing much time or efforts while ending up saving time and some bucks.

Price Comparison

Check for the Best Price

There would be roughly 30 percent of car owners who would really compare the repair and servicing cost. This would initially take some time but once you are done with your research and located the right guy/workshop for your car, you can save a lot of money over the years on your regular servicing and maintenance bills. Compare and get the best deal!


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