Stuff You Must Keep in Your Car

  • Apr 22, 2016

MANILA: Whether you use your car on a daily basis or just for long distance traveling, every car should have some essential items which would give you that peace of mind while adding more to your comfort aspect. No matter how basic or luxurious your car is, you should have these essential things in your car boot so that you may help yourself even if you stuck in between or meet with an emergency. Though some of these things may look useless initially but trust us, they might prove to be the savior in distress time. If you are thinking that this is too much of work, trust us, it's just one time shot. Keep it in your trunk and forget it!

We have compiled a few handy things which should be there in your car all the time. Create individual kits and stack them in your car trunk. Here we go -

Universal Tool Kit

Universal Tool Kit

Yes, this is one thing which you should essentially have in your car trunk. In case you don't have a universal toolkit, you can compile essential tools yourself and make a kit. So what all you might need, that's the big question! You can store a tire jack along with tire iron so that you may change a tire without anyone else's help. A tire inflator and sealer can also be kept handy in your car. These are easily available at any auto repair shop and you can yourself repair a tire. Tire pressure gauge should also be there so that you may check the tire pressure on a regular basis without making trips to gas stations. Though flashlight is not a part of tool kit but do keep it in your car. Also, don't forget to keep your car's manual in the kit. This would help you in understanding and rectify any sudden fault at an odd hour. Also, keeping some auto workshop numbers and your insurance papers won't harm.

First-Aid Kit

First-Aid Kit

Well, do we really have to tell you the importance of having this kit in your car trunk? Guess you already know how essential it is to keep a first-aid kit handy during your drives to meet with any emergency in adverse conditions. Rather than buying a first-aid kit from the medical store, you can yourself customize it. Some painkillers, bandages, cotton, band-aids, pain relief ointment/ cream /spray, a pair of scissors and knife can be kept in a box. A pair of tweezers, saline solution, needle, antiseptics and adhesive tape would complete this first-aid kit ensure that you are ready to help yourself in the case of a medical emergency. Also, if you take any specific medicines for any ailment, it is advisable to keep that also in the kit. A candle and match box/lighter can also be included in this first-aid kit.

Jumper Cables

Jumper Cable

Keeping a jumper cable in your car boot would save you in an odd situation. This cable is required when your car battery goes dead and you need to fix it somewhere in the middle of the road. A good set of jumper cable you kept in your car trunk can be the savior in this situation. But keeping the cable is not the solution, you should know how to use it. For this, you can check out the tutorials available online or go to the nearest service center. Make sure you have practiced jump starting your car, a wrong move may be dangerous for you and your car. Alternatively, you can also keep emergency battery booster in your car which can jump start your car without much effort. But then, emergency car boosters also come with some limitations and precautions which you should always keep in mind while using them.

Petty Essentials

Petty Stuff

These are those essentials which not everyone keeps in their cars. Tissue and paper towels should be kept at the dash or in the glovebox. You can also keep hand towels, some stationary, and bottles in your car cabin. A USB mobile charger should essentially be in your car to charge your devices. A foldable light blanket and some shopping bags may surely look like occupying some space in your car boot but you never know when they may be required to rescue you in odd situations. You can also keep window breaker and seatbelt cutter, obviously in the cabin storage. Another handy stuff which you can include in this kit is road maps and flares or reflective triangles.


Spare Tire

Keeping some spares in your car would not harm you. Other than keeping a spare tire in your car boot, you can also keep a solar charger with you. Also, a weather radio can be your lifesaver updating you about the weather especially if you are traveling to a different city by car. During rainy weather, a spare pair of clothes can also be kept in a waterproof bag in your car boot and for winters, you can keep a really warm extra winter coat. Also, keep an umbrella in this kit which would save you in rain and heat once you are out of your car. Some spare money should also be kept in the petty cabin pockets so that you don't have to check out your wallet every time there is a toll or for pre-paid parking.

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