Heading for a Car Insurance Renewal – Check out These Tips

  • Apr 21, 2016

MANILA: Insurance is an integral part of car maintenance and most of us don't even consider it important. While some people don't even know how to choose an insurance policy for their cars, others abide by the traditional way. There are a plethora of insurance companies now which offer different packages and deals which might end up confusing you. Well, it's high time to think smart! So, what are the key factors which you should consider while buying an insurance for your beloved car so that in adverse conditions if something happens, the insurance actually covers your damage. Most of the customers have to pay repair bills after some damage from their pocket since they don't take the appropriate insurance policy.

Here are some of the key factors which you should check out before renewing your car insurance policy next time -

Customer-Friendly Services

Customer Satisfaction

Choose an insurance policy which is customer-friendly, listens to the customers problems and queries and responds in no time. Most of the service providing companies including insurance sector are working on being responsive towards customers but still you have to choose the best. Better check out if the insurance company you are shortlisting has 24/7 assistance, a functional website with all the relevant information & FAQs. Also, check out if there are any reviews about the company claiming that they are customer-friendly. Most of the companies claim to be cordial initially but when it comes to settling claims, they start ignoring the customers. Also, check out if they hold any experience in the industry or just delivering the amateur content to you in the form of answers to your queries.

Hassle-Free Claim Settlement

Claim Settlement

While selecting an insurance company, you should better check if the company is active in settling the claims without any undue delay. The company should be reasonable fast with a good track record of settling the claims. After all, you would not like to wait for the insurance amount even after paying regular premium installments. Also, check for the history if the company has not rejected claims on baseless issues or kept the clients on waiting list without any relevant reasons.

Cashless Policy

Cashless Policy

Just like medical policies, car insurance also comes with the cashless option. Though not every insurance company is providing this option but this is surely one factor which you should consider while choosing a car insurance. If you are thinking about the benefits of this scheme, let us guide you. In cashless policies, you don't have to pay initially for the repair of damage and the insurance company itself settles it. So, in simple words, you don't have to put any burden on your pocket to recur the damage. Having a cashless option is an additional benefit but we would advise you not to compromise on a good policy just because it's not offering this option.

Compare the Premium

Premium Comparison

As a customer, we want to save every single penny. We bargain during shopping to save some money but when it comes to an insurance policy, we hardly compare between different schemes and companies. Most of the insurance providers have their websites and the customers can check out the latest schemes, deals, and packages there. Also, there are websites which can offer you comparative statements between different policies by different companies. So, you can do this task with just a few clicks and find out which company is offering the best package at the best prices. Also, ensure if there are any hidden charges or glitch before paying for the selected package.



Just like personal health insurance, it is important to check out if the car insurance company has a wide network of garages or service centers so that the claim may be settled without any hassle. A nearby locality facility would surely be of big help for you. Also, check for the timings and the working days. If the garage network is not dense, you might have to spend a lot of time in getting the work done so better look out for an insurance company which has a vast network. Also, this factor would help if your car is damaged in any outer location of the city. In that case, the spread out network can help you in getting the repair work done at the other city only so you don't have to tow it to your location.

Go Through the Policy

Insurance Policy

You have selected and bought the policy but that doesn't mean that the documents carry the same factors which you considered important. So while you have bought the policy through an agent or yourself online, just go through the policy documents carefully. If you find any glitch, just get it rectified so that the corrections can be made timely and if you claim for the car damage, there are no unseen factors popping out to surprise you. Also, if there are any points which are confusing, ask for a clarification without any hitch. The customers should understand that an insurance policy is just like a legal document and so if there are any factors or concerns, they should ask the company and clarify before its too late.

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