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Looks, performance via Ducati Panigale V4 racing package

Looks, performance via Ducati Panigale V4 racing package

MANILA: For motorbike enthusiasts who wish to soup up their Ducati Panigale V4, the Italian motorcycle brand suggests the racing accessory package to make the super sports bike more unique, and to promote high performance on the track.

Along with the comprehensive Ducati Performance set, the Ducati Design Center created and developed the accessory package in partnership with reputable companies in the industry. Parts of this package are accessories built to improve the racing look, lighten the weight, and guarantee optimum performance of the Panigale V4.

Bike aficionados can also use the “Configurator” section on the Ducati official website for customization of their motorbike through the selection of specialized components and accessories.

The racing accessories package for the Ducati Panigale V4 includes side stickers for the tank, brake lever protection adapter, brake lever protection, carbon chain guard, frame cover set, license plate holder removal set, mirror hole covers, carbon protection for generator cover, swingarm cover, oversized headlight fairing, upper and lower racing fairings, and complete titanium exhaust system.

Ducati Panigale V4

The titanium exhaust system significantly enhances the weight/power ratio of the Ducati Panigale V4 super sports bike. The racing exhaust system also improves the unique look, providing it with an added element of aggressiveness.

The lower and upper set of fairings, headlight covers, and headlight fairing are all made of high-quality unpainted plastic that ensures stability and strength. The fairing kits have been designed to unveil the racing spirit of the Panigale on the track.

The oversized headlight fairing consists of high-quality transparent plastic material with improved length and height and is meant to enhance aerodynamic protection beginning from low speeds to attain optimum performance on the track.

The swingarm cover holds an exceptional design that unifies the lightness of the carbon fiber with the titanium resistance to provide efficient protection when there are accidental slips. It also enhances the look of the bike with a component that enriches the unique and aggressive race-ready lines.

The strength and lightness of the aramid and carbon fiber blend with an exceptional racing finish and beautiful design in the carbon protection for the generator cover to ensure safety during accidental slips and enriches the elegant and sporty appeal of the bike.

Mirror hole covers are appropriate for the closure of holes in the headlight fairing, left after detaching the rearview mirrors. These enable the use of the bike on the track.

A license plate holder removal set is also included in the racing accessory package to close the hole left when the number plate holder is removed. This contributes to the aggressive style of the bike’s rear and enables its use on the track.

Meanwhile, the carbon frame cover is designed to guarantee optimum protection of the frame from any scratches or dents and provide the bike with a more enhanced racing spirit and aggressive look.

The classic Ducati design is integrated with lightness and strength of the carbon fiber that makes up the carbon chain guard. This accessory is required on some championships, and a few tracks. The lines ideally tie with the bike lines and improve its powerful racing appeal.

The brake lever protection is designed to prevent accidental front brake activation and enhance rider safety. It consists of the left counterweight to guarantee optimum stability.

Anti-slip stickers visible on the tank serve as protection and enhance the grip with the suit of the rider, guaranteeing outstanding stability. These stickers are made from high-definition rubber (HDR) technology and are essential accessories for riders who want to have maximum experience on the track without compromising road comfort and safety.

Photos from Ducati

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