4 valuable tips when riding in the rain

4 valuable tips when riding in the rain

As the days of sun and swelter have given way to rain and gloom, a new challenges are being added to present difficulties of commuters and motorists alike. With that, Honda Philippines believes that motorcycles are the ideal transportation mode these days.

The company said in a release that “motorcycles are the better, practical, more reliable, and more convenient mode of transportation amid the current global health crisis. But with the onset of the rains, safety is an important aspect that riders must never take for granted.”

The country’s leading motorcycle manufacturer shared important tips moto riders should take to heart during this rainy season:

  1. Thoroughly inspect the motorcycle. Ensure that the tires are properly inflated and at the right pressure for wet roads. Inspect the tread depth it is still good enough to displace or channel water. pays to check if it needs proper treading to channel water. Take a look at the brake pads if they’re still in good condition. Check on the motorcycle’s fluids.
  2. Gear up before heading out. These days, you can never be overdressed or overequipped. “Protect yourself from the elements with waterproof or water-resistant gear,” advised Honda. When choosing a helmet, remember that full-faced ones provide better protection compared to the half-faced. As fogging may occur, wipe the surfaces of the helmet with an anti-fogger. It may also help (if conditions permit) to open the visor for ventilation and to prevent fogging. Keep plastic pags handy; they can keep your phone and other valuables dry.
  3. Plan your routes. Don’t force it if a downpour turns out to be a severe one. Find a sheltered area and wait it out. Mark some favorite areas and rest stops such as a restaurant or a gas station on your GPS system. Avoid flood-prone roads.
  4. It pays to be slow. Honda shared, “Most accidents happen because the rider is driving too fast. Riding in wet conditions requires extra caution, thus, it pays for riders to drive slowly. This allows for better reaction in the event of sudden stops by other vehicles.” Also, wet roads mean trickier maneuvering and braking, as they “decrease the traction of the tires making any vehicle prone to skidding (or hydroplaning).” This happens when tires are not able to displace water on the road.

Honda’s “One Dream” campaign aims to bring a “mission of road safety and responsibility to all Filipinos while allowing everyone to experience the joy of mobility that only its lineup of motorcycle models can provide.” For more details about Honda products and promos, visit www.hondaph.com or like the Facebook page Honda Philippines, Inc. and Instagram, @hondaph_mc.

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