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I looked at every scooter out there and couldn’t deny the fact this lil adv could be a lot of fun! I had an Nmax for awhile and tried a couple other scooters but really liked the idea of adventures off road. My fiancé and I agreed we should get one after having a few uncomfortable off-road adventures 😂. Nmax is a great bike on hard pack but not off-road of course. Anyway we got the lil adv and can’t stop adventuring. Upgraded the tires to Swallows (best I could find for off road) and some other upgrades like water proof cell holder, larger rear fender, stainless crash bars ready for extra lights, wider foot for kick stand, larger wind screen, lights (yet to be installed) and of course a top box with a back rest. Even with stock tires we have done mountain adventure with river crossing. Have to admit I was super nervous about the motor sucking in water. I’m working on a snorkel system to bring intake up at least a few inches. My best guess is to go under seat like some other scooters. I have a high flow intake and exhaust but that stuff can mess up your performance so I want to make sure I’m doin it properly b4 I just plug away. So back to the river crossing! We were following a very nice young fella that just happened to be my fiancés cousin. He offered to guide us to the waterfalls we were looking for. We descended a very slippery, rocky, muddy hill and then did the river crossing. I looked back and said …there’s a good chance we will have problems with that hill going out. Got to the waterfall and chilled for a while and her cousin driving an off-road bike btw assured me I’d be fine to get out. The bike is kinda famous around here. So on our way out I’m following him and guess what!? He starts running the hill and almost doesn’t make it. He gets to the top and waves me forward…. Ugh. There’s no room to run at this hill because of the river. I gun it a few feet from the hill and to my pure amazement that lil bike took our asses up that hill and never kicked a tire!!! Pure amazement!!! So I’m probably getting too cocky but with the new tires we should be ok within reason. I’m not saying it’s a mud monster but I’m telling you it’s actually a fun lil bike! I’d personally like a few more horses and bigger tires but for a lil bike it’s definitely worth the price IMHO.

Colin Masters Jun 24, 2022
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  • Perfect Tourer!

    This is honestly the best purchase I have made in a long time. All the features and technology that the maxi scooter gets are beyond normal for a 150 cc segment model. I am willing to explore some more destinations with this affordable hunk. I am so happy with its functionality... Read More

    Tyrone Sep 15, 2022 for Honda ADV 150
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  • Power-Packed Mover

    The two-wheeler reflects masculinity from all dimensions. The Japanese manufacturer knows what exactly to feed the young generation. I was blown away when I first saw this model. The aggressive look on the face of the two-wheeler along with the enhanced smart power technology... Read More

    melvin Jul 01, 2022 for Honda ADV 150
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  • Head-Turner

    Yes, it is definitely a headturner! A sporty looks! I really love the design. I also like the performance. Easy to operate. Keyless and the comfort you'll get while driving is awesome. Good for a big person. It's a bit heavy though. Big and wider compartment. It also has a... Read More

    MegaKertz May 09, 2022 for Honda ADV 150
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  • Matches its name

    Honda calls this an adventure scooter and that’s not without any reason. The Adv 150 looks all set to take on the off-road terrain. The wheelbase is wide. It can comfortably cruise between 45-55mph. The bike’s center of gravity is low, leading to a very balanced ride. The... Read More

    Jonny Apr 21, 2022 for Honda ADV 150
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  • The scooter that defies it all!

    The Honda ADV 150 is one such scooter that gives out the most appealing vibes in a scooter segment ever! This product is the perfect example of innovation, afterall, an ADV in the form of a scooter, isn’t that amazing? This scooter brings the best of both worlds with its... Read More

    Mark Mar 02, 2022 for Honda ADV 150
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