Most Fascinating Car Museums in the World

  • Aug 31, 2015

MANILA: Since our forefathers abandoned horse-carriages and welcomed internal combustion, we have been passionate lovers of cars. For decades, we have witnessed the world of automobiles transforming, inventing and upgrading continuously to go beyond a means of transport and create a special niche in every petrol-heads heart. And to celebrate our mutual love for cars, we at CarBay brings you the top 5 automobile museums in the world – that enclose more than classic cars or evolution on engineering marvels. They also bring the essence of automobiles and how it affected the world for centuries and touched hearts of millions. It is one thing to read about cars but seeing them in flesh and bone gives you an unparalleled high. For all gearheads – these museums are pilgrimages, one you should definitely visit once in a lifetime to secure a spot in auto heaven.

AUtomobile en France

Cité de l'AUtomobile en France:

All of us swear that we are undoubtedly the biggest auto-fan, but in front of Schlumpf brothers, we will happily take the second spot. The Schlumpf brothers made a fortune from their textile business and opulently spent in Bugatti cars – not one or two but a whopping 122 and hence giving a path to one of the most magnificent museum in the world - Cité de l'AUtomobile en France. The regal museum located in the Mullhouse town of France house the largest collection of Bugatti cars among others. Its most legendary possession is the breathtaking 1929 Type 41 Royale Coupe Napoleon, the personal car of Bugatti's founder - Ettore Bugatti. The extensive collection includes forerunners from 1878 ranging till more modern cars from the 1960s era.

merc museum

The Mercedes Museum in Germany:

Who better than Mercedes-Benz will flawlessly fit for having its own museum. The iconic German brand with a lineage of 126 years has showcased its internal charms in the Mercedes Museum. The design aesthetics of the museum if designed by UN Studios in a cloverleaf layout with humongous 9 floors to house more than 160 vehicles. The museum's palatial fleet includes classics like Mercedes Knight Touring car to futuristic C111, but undoubtedly the most clicked car is the 1950's priced beauty red 300SL Gullwing. It also has a Motorsport section which encompasses Mercedes's Grand Prix winners.


The Mullin Museum in California:

The Mullin Museum located in California is the privately owned museum showcasing the timeless collection of businessman and philanthropic – Peter Mullin. The Mullin museum is a splendid example of fabulous art décor, magnificent auto beauties couples with thousands of auto enthusiasts celebrating these engineering marvels. Its regal collection encompasses cars dating back to brass ear in the 1905 t0 World War II housing in total of 140 spellbinding cars with some priceless treasures like 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, 1939 Delahaye T165, 1938 Talbot Lago T150 SS. The Mullin museum's unprecedented collection is primarily formed with French masterpieces which evoke the spirit of a bygone era when custom-made coachwork were an integral part of the car's mechanism.

grand prix

Donington Grand Prix Collection, England:

For all ardent internal combustion fans – there couldn't be a mecca better than this for you. The largest museum of Grand Prix racing cars – the Donington Grand Prix Collection located at England is a must to visit by every racing lover. It's larger than life five halls houses more than 130 Grand Prix cars and Formula One machinery. The museum illustrates the grand history of Grand Prix where visitors can sight the legendary cars driven by the who's who of Formula One circuits like Nuvolari, Mansell, Prost, Moss, Fangio and Stewart, in flesh. The Donington Grand Prix Collection also has the largest collection of McLaren and Williams racing cars.


Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum:

Ferrari is one auto brand that designs the futuristic vehicle to push further the boundaries of technological advancement yet have traces if its glorious past. The perfect amalgamation of historic significance along with revolutionary breakthrough in Ferrari's iconic cars is illustrated in the Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena. The breathtaking, majestic museum is designed on the chassis of Enzo Ferrari's childhood home with a simplistic red brick and wood building. The extensive fleet at the Enzo Ferrari Museum doesn't just encompasses Ferrari's jewels but also Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Maserati vehicles which Enzo helped to design for races and thus creating a legendary name for his own.


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