Fast & Furious: Exhibits Five World Class Lamborghini Models of all times

  • Nov 19, 2015

MANILA:The fascinating spirit of Lamborghini can make the car enthusiast fall in love with it. It holds its head high with the stature that it has fostered in the automotive world. This Italian car maker was founded in year 1960 which stood up in competition with Ferrari and came out with flying colors of success in no time. It has overexerted to secure the position of being a pioneer in engineering and design. It has not only captivated the car enthusiasts but has also swagged on the red carpet and showcased for its star performance at the theater screens bagging appreciation from all the directions. It has positioned itself good in time with the rapid changing technology. It has explored the passage of experimentation that each time made it a shining star adding another feather to its cap. And has established evidence of being the fastest cars in the world.

So, we perceive that its worthy to attain that commendable position and grab the look of each well wisher. Here we plan to exhibit the base model manufactured in last 50 years. These models incorporate- Diablo VT, Gallardo LP, Huracan LP, Murcielago LP and Reventon.


Model 1

Diablo VT- 201 mph

This models shows off its on road speed with the outshine from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds. The rugged engine encompasses 580 horsepower. The cherry on the cake is its ability of acquiring 200 miles per hour. This sophisticated stud is worth a peek where it can evidently make its mark in the competition of alluring models.


Model 2

Gallardo LP 560-4 — 202 mph

The top driving speed of this model with remarkable attributes make it attain the pinnacle of success. The traits possessed by this model makes the drive insane with a top speed of 202 miles per hour, the 10 cylinder engine with 560 horsepower. With an overrun of 60 miles per hour in solely 3.9 seconds. Regardless of the factuality that it stands in strong competition with the alternative variants, it still shines out to be a super performer.


Model 3

Huracán LP610-4 — 202 mph

This flamboyant model is right on a dream of all petrol heads. With a high door system giving it a much high class look than its competitive variants, which prompts 610 horsepower. With the high speed of 202 miles per hour. It will make one experience the breeze tantalizing around at the speed ranging from 0-60 in solely 3.2 seconds. Which is adequate enough for thrill lovers of this generation.

Model 4

Murciélago LP650 Roadster — 205 mph

The jaunty feel of this car will undoubtedly makes it class apart with its provoking sleek appearance. Its tops with a speed of 205 miles per hour, with an outreach ranging from 0-60 speed in 3.4 seconds. This rugged car is appreciated as the most for its inexpensive cost of production.


Model 5

Reventón– 205 mph

The contrast mix of colors make it stand out in the herd of variants. Acquiring 650 horsepower with a provision of 12 cylinder engine. This model stands to be the most overawe one in the fleet of heroes manufactured by Lamborghini. It rushes with a projectile speed of 0-60 in 3.4 seconds. Being in the list of hotshots it attains the speed of 205 miles per hour.

All these models are not just stunning but appear to be beauty with features that makes it have the flag fluttering with pride. Lamborghini is definitely among the top hero's who show to be true shining stars of this business. One can see them at various platforms drawing attention towards their beauty from motor-heads to movie theaters and noticeably the adventure/thrill enthusiasts.


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