Top 5 Most Challenging Car Races in the World

  • Oct 20, 2015

MANILA: Every time a racer hits the track, he knows that there is a 30% chance that he will never make out, alive. Even after such an extreme risk factor, racing enthusiasts put their sweat and blood to just satisfy their racing bug. Since the advent of professional racing, this daredevil sport is considered extremely dangerous. Whether cruising at a supersonic speed or driving for hours or racing in most hazardous conditions possible, racers bear is all to achieve the highest rank on track. As the drivers arrive in their grid positions and begin to furiously rev their engines, all of them have one thought in mind - to get to the first corner as quickly as possible and move ahead with the first sight of the waving checkered flag! But some races, are not as simple as just driving fast. Off-road monstrous races, take weeks to cover hundreds of miles on a completely unmaintained terrain, bearing the most difficult conditions known to mankind.

We at CarBay are going to unveil 5 toughest races, that will make F1 look like a child's play.


The Dakar Rally:

Considered the most challenging race, Dakar Rally isn't for weak-hearted. This brutal off-road race is a three-week event that covers 7000 miles, out of which, half the track is run at competitive speeds. In the history of racing, no race can even come close to Dakar's brutality level, if you combine seven Indy 500s, three Le Mans, four Baja 1000s, or two full seasons of the WRC rolled into one big event – you might be able to interpret its horror. The phrase 'to finish first, you must first finish' is meant for Dakar, as every year one or more participants does not make out alive from this race. The race track is so severe, that often racers find them stranded for days in the middle of an isolated desert and often resort to burning their cars is desperate attempts to signal for help. Even after such high risk of fatality, treacherous conditions and brutal competition, Dakar Rally is attempted by thousands of racers each year, to experience the thrill of finishing the race alive


The Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy:

For motorcycle enthusiasts around the world, Isle of Man is a mecca and winning the Tourist Trophy, the greatest blessing. Every year, the quaint island in the Irish sea, witness a huge flock of motorcycle enthusiasts, all there, to reach the pinnacle of motorcycle racing, cheat death around every bend and wear the ultimate crown.
Considered as the most deadly race, Isle of man has taken hundreds of life in its 107 years of existence. The 38 mile-suicidal crusade of the Snaefell Mountain is a plethora of lethal twists and turns, wherein one wrong turn can lead to a fatal crash and at a speed of 130mph, these odds are just doubled. No doubt, Isle of Man is considered as suicidal.


Monaco Grand Prix:

Every racing devotee worships Formula One race. Not only F1 is the most popular of all, it is also the greatest achievement for any racer. And out of all the races, Monaco is the true jewel of F1. Why is Monaco perceived as the toughest F1 race? Well, it is the ultimate test of race car drivers, who not only have to drive at a lightning speed but also have to project unparalleled skills and precision. The race track of Monaco is nothing less than a death row. A narrow circuit, with run-off areas far and few between, filled with twists and severe elevation changes, and a dangerous tunnel, make the Monaco race track the ultimate challenge for every racer. Monaco tests the endurance of even the best of the bests in the business. It is the one race where you don't necessarily need the best car when you have the best driver. Racers who have not attained any World Championship in their entire career can still hold their head high, knowing that they were able to win the deadly race of Monaco.

le mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans:

The legendary race of Le Mans can't be described in just a few words. Since the advent of professional racing, many races have been tweaked and modernised to make it more safe and controlled, but not 24 Hours of Le Mans, cause this brute can't be tamed.
The Le Mans is an ultimate test for both the race car and the racer. Once the racers hit the track, it is just him and his car on a deserted, uncivilized 8.5-mile road, for 24 hours straight. Le Mans has also proved to be a great platform for cars to display their advanced racing technology on the track.


Pikes Peak Hill Climb:

Driving on the picturesque hills, alongside spectacular view is a therapeutic experience for any driver. But, if you are driving on Pikes Peak, at a 100mhp speed, then the ride will be anything but therapy. The King of all hill climbs, Pikes Peak Hill Climb ranks as one of the most challenging motorsport events in the world. Its fatal 12-mile course is considered as 'the devil's playground' as the drivers have to go over 150 corners as they push their machines to be as fast a possible, to be the first to cross the finish line.
This deadly race isn't just about fast and furious speed, but also an extraordinary skill, coupled with focus and tenacity, maybe a sixth sense and guts of a superhero to conquer this track, where just one slip can send you tumbling off the cliff.

Gruesome race tracks, barbaric conditions and supersonic speed makes these races the ultimate test for any rider. These suicidal charades either make the racer the king of the road or opens up the gates of heaven. Still, undoubtedly they are the most challenging races in the world. If we have missed out on any deadly race, let us know in the comment section below.


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