Why to Prefer an SUV over Sedan?

  • Oct 27, 2015

MANILA: Sport Utility Vehicles or SUVs have been hot favorites of Filipinos and why it should not be? The power that an SUV provide is definitely way ahead the executive personality of a sedan. The SUVs are basically designed for off roads, difficult terrains and are packed with brutal force. It is natural to associate this kind of vehicle with someone who is an outdoor man, strong, independent and love to lead a life of adventure. Here presenting some reasons of such people as why SUV has an upper edge over sedans.

Sitting Capacity

Sitting Capacity tells the number of people that can easily fit into the car. The interior space indeed depends on the exterior dimensions and a car with congested seating space can never be anybody's choice. Here SUVs get an advantage as they offer ample space inside.

Ground Clearance

SUVs are known for higher ground clearance and this gives amazing off road abilities. It is equal to practicality and indeed contributes to better handling and performance.

Better Visibility

Said a better visibility always keep you away from a trap and this better visibility comes with a higher seating position. The SUVs give this facility wherein the roads are clear and the vision is sharp.

All Terrain Drive

May it be paved surface or gravel, the SUV easily makes to every terrain. The credit goes to large tires with deep, open treads and flexible suspensions. This all-terrain drive characteristic make SUVs versatile cars.

Maintenance Cost

This aspect is inescapable and it should be because when you spend money to buy a pricey mean machine then it should be maintained also. Now if you compare all these maintenance expenses of any SUV with VW cars then SUV will definitely cost you less.

Now, Since VW has got a mention only then let’s consider practically how the recently launched VW Passat gets less scores on the above mentioned factors from the new SUV in the market, Foton Toplander


VW Passat

Foton Toplander

Sitting Capacity



Ground Clearance

150 mm

220 mm


Low/ Average


All Terrain Drive



Maintenance Cost



Further, the bigger and better SUV, Toplander is just for PhP 998,000 while the executive sedan is around PhP 2.3 million. So, why to settle for a small car when you can enjoy the bigger car with better services and at less prices.


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