Bentley Azure range offers ‘wellbeing behind the wheel’

Bentley Azure range offers ‘wellbeing behind the wheel’

MANILA: Bentley has long been known for its effortless performance and comfort over long distances, and the brand is now building on that reputation with a new family of variants available across all five model lines. The new Azure range will offer Bentley customers a curated selection of features designed to improve the wellbeing and comfort of the vehicle's occupants, making every journey, no matter how long, a relaxing experience.


  • Which Bentley models will get an Azure variant?

    All five Bentley models — the Bentayga, Bentayga EWB, Flying Spur, Continental GT, and Continental GT Convertible — will get Azure variants.
  • What approach did Bentley use in designing the Azure range?

    Bentley used a "Science-Informed Design" approach, involving various interdisciplinary methods to give drivers and passengers the best sense of wellness and comfort possible.
  •  Bentley Flying Spur Azure

    The new range will be available on all Bentley models, including the Bentayga, Bentayga EWB, Flying Spur, Continental GT, and Continental GT Convertible. Azure is more than a specification; it includes stress-relieving tactile and visual cues, as well as driver assistance technologies for smoother, safer trips. A Bentley Azure will amplify the other facet of a Bentley's identity, the ability to traverse long distances quickly and smoothly — leaving driver and passengers feeling relaxed, alert, and ready to continue their busy lives.

    The Azure and Speed badges portray subtly different interpretations of the Bentley driving experience, with Mulliner representing the pinnacle of both luxury and performance. Every Bentley blends relaxation and thrill; the Azure range includes a carefully curated selection of features that stimulate comfort and wellbeing for those who value the former.

    Bentley Continental GT Azure

    “The Azure, like Speed and Mulliner, offers our customers clarity during the enjoyable process of choosing their ideal Bentleys. We know from the scientific research undertaken by our specialists that increased agency comes through choice, and we have taken a holistic approach to wellbeing behind the wheel, uniting technology, design and craftsmanship to deliver driver and passengers to their destination more relaxed than when they set off,” Bentley Motors Chairman and Chief Executive Adrian Hallmark stated.

    Bentley used a "Science-Informed Design" approach, involving various interdisciplinary methods to give drivers and passengers the best sense of wellness and comfort possible. Because a vehicle is a multisensory environment, this approach included designing not only for vision, hearing, touch, and smell, but also for body position (proprioception), gravity and acceleration (vestibular), temperature, and even internal body sensations (interoception).

    Bentley Flying Spur Azure

    “We have to understand how we all detect and respond to sounds and then work out how to engineer those sounds into the components that make a Bentley,” Bentley Acoustics Engineer Andy Jackson said. “We balance the sound from the vehicle and cocoon the occupants from the outside world by minimizing sound penetration. We harmonize the acoustics with the other sensory inputs in the vehicle. The sound is literally in the vehicle’s DNA; it’s authentic and crafted.”

    The Azure interior design specification includes "wellness quilting;" the fractal patterns of precisely crafted diamond quilted upholstery generate an eye-pleasing interplay of light and shade and give an enticing invitation to explore them with one's fingertips. While Bentley customers will always have access to the full range of wood veneers, the Azure range offers three open pore veneers: Dark Walnut, Crown-Cut Walnut, and Koa, which have a softer, satin, reflective quality that stimulates a peaceful ambience.

    Bentley Bentayga Azure

    “To create the Azure range, we consulted with neuroscientists to understand the interrelationship of color, texture, tactility and even scent to create an atmosphere of relaxed serenity. When we see pleasing forms, shapes and colors our brains release chemicals such as dopamine that not only make us feel good but are good for our body and sense of wellbeing. Sensory receptors convert physical stimuli in neural activity, creating changes in our brain and nervous system. Every fabric, sound, motion, color, and touch continuously impacts our nervous system and the Azure cabin has been finessed accordingly,” Bentley Motors Color and Trim Head Maria Mulder explained.

    Azure customers can also select from a full range of 15 hide colors and color splits, with contrast stitching as standard and seat piping as a no-cost option. Azure illuminated treadplates, Bentley "B" foot pedals, mood lighting, and a duo-tone steering wheel with heating function complement these visual pleasures.

    Photos from Bentley Motors

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