Lexus has the 'most loyal customers' – JD Power

Lexus has the 'most loyal customers' – JD Power

MANILA: Lexus ranked the highest in the JD Power 2021 US Automotive Brand Loyalty Study, besting 12 other premium car brands. Lexus has remained on the top spot for three consecutive years, with a 51.6% loyalty rate.

The study used data from the Power Information Network to calculate whether a car owner purchased the same car brand after trading in an existing vehicle for a new one. The loyalty rate was based on the percentage of vehicle owners who chose the same brand when trading in or buying their next vehicle.

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Lexus also previously led the JD Power 2021 US Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) with the Lexus GX in the midsize premium SUV category. The study calculated the number of problems experienced by the original owners from their three-year-old vehicles during the past year. It focused on 177 vehicular problems categorized into eight groups. Lexus scored 81 compared to the average of 121, signifying the brand’s reliability.

The Lexus GX is best known for offering premium comfort and luxury on- and off-road. It comes with adaptive variable suspension, customized climate settings with built-in smog sensor, and seating for seven passengers with a third row that can lay flat to make room for more cargo.

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