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Electric Bikes

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  • Environment and Eco-friendly
    Environment and Eco-friendly

    Electric motorcycles don’t emit smoke like those powered by an internal combustion engine (ICE). An electric motorcycle has no tailpipe emissions and no foul smell from burning of petrol.

  • Savings on fuel costs
    Savings on fuel costs

    Owners of electric two-wheelers can save a lot of money on fuel costs since it runs on renewable energy. Buying an electric motorcycle involves a one-time cost.

  • Smoother ride
    Smoother ride

    Electric motors are zero-sound emitting devices. Even during a full throttle no sound is emitted. The result is a much smoother and comfortable ride.

Electric Bikes

Why Should You Buy Electric Motorcycles?

The excitement of electric motor bike

Low maintenance Low maintenance

Electric two-wheelers don’t have spark plugs, air and oil filters, timing belts and several other components that run a conventional motorcycle. There’s no clutch or gearbox. Except the tires, brake pads and fluids, there is very little maintenance cost involved. It saves a lot of money on regular maintenance.

You will be praised as an environmental warrior You will be praised as an environmental warrior

By using electric motorcycles, you have contributed to cleaner air. Electric motors do not emit emissions while travelling. For the sake of our future generations, that action deserves praise.

Easier to operate Easier to operate

An electric two-wheeler is supremely easy to operate. There’s no ignition process involved. It can be started just by turning the starter button. There’s also no energy lost during restarting the bike at traffic signals. Power delivery is instant in electric motorcycles.

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Electric Bikes in action

Major Components of Electric Motorcycles

What makes an electric bike work

Motor Motor

The motor of an electric motorcycle actually moves the vehicle. Electric motors always deliver the highest torque and the same is available as soon as the throttle is rotated. The motor is almost the size of an alternator and mounted low on the chassis in front of the rear wheel.

Battery pack Battery pack

Electric motorcycles use lithium, lead acid, lithium-ion, nickel metal hydride, lithium phosphate or lithium-ion phosphate batteries. A battery usually offers a mileage between 40 to 100 miles depending on the charge.

Charger Charger

The charger is the tool which recharges the battery. The shape of an electric two-wheeler charger varies. It may come bundled with the bike or the manufacturer may set up charging stations at convenient spots.

Electric Motorcycles in the Philippines

Electric bikes in the Philippines are not very common as of now. Acceptance of electric motorcycles has been largely muted in use. Of course there’s the Banatti Green Falcon, which has some of its parts made from bamboo. But the vehicle is yet to go into mass production and can only be spotted in company chief Chris Lacson’s garage. The bike can attain a claimed top speed of 60kmph and returns a mileage of 45km on a single recharge. It’s a fully Filipino-made bike.

Last year Yamaha launched the EC-05 electric motorcycle in partnership with Taiwanese startup Gogoro. There’s increasing speculation that the EC-05 will be available in the Philippines. Yamaha will join hands with a Filipino company to launch the bike, or may come up with a brand new model.

Kymco is one of the biggest manufacturers of electric motorcycles in the Philippines. Its latest concept motorcycle, the RevoNEX was unveiled by group chairman Allen Ko at the 2019 Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori (EICMA) Milan. The RevoNex, according to Kymco, is a high-performance naked-faired bike which inherits the design architecture from SuperNex from 2021.

Bangkok-based EV manufacturer Swag has also announced its plan to develop an electric motorcycle which will be available in the Philippines.

There are also reports of other manufacturers wanting to commence electric bike production.

  • Why are electric motorcycles considered environment friendly?

    An electric motorcycle doesn’t have an ICE. It doesn’t burn the fuel to produce energy to haul the bike. There are no tailpipe emissions, no harmful fumes that can cause health hazards.

  • How long does it take to charge the battery?

    It depends on the battery unit’s capability and the recharging unit. On an average, an electric motorcycle may take 45 minutes to fully recharge. The mileage will differ between various bikes.

  • Can electric motorcycles be mass-produced in the Philippines?

    The current market conditions don’t support mass production of electric motorcycles. The basic reason in this regard is the absence of charging infrastructure. Unless charging stations are set up, people won’t warm up to electric motorcycles. There are also other issues like readying the production equipment and educating people about clean energy.

  • What about the tax schemes?

    Lawmaker Francis Pangilinan has proposed to exempt hybrid and electric vehicles from duties and taxes to encourage the manufacture, import and use of carbon-reducing vehicles. The department of energy too is crafting a framework to promote the growth of the Philippines EV industry. That aside, the department of trade and industry is mulling to streamline non-fiscal and fiscal incentives by coming up with a special program.