Here’s how you can get your own HATASU ebike through KServico

You can purchase a HATASU ebike either in cash, credit card, or through KServico’s various financing options without so much breaking a sweat

Here’s how you can get your own HATASU ebike through KServico

Electric bicycles (ebikes) have become a staple in most households, serving as an alternative means of moving around.


  • What requirements must buyers paying in cash or credit card prepare before purchasing a HATASU ebike from KServico?

    Per the two companies, no requirements are needed for buyers purchasing a HATASU ebike in cash or credit card.
  • Where can customers contact HATASU?

    Customers can reach the brand by calling its hotline or by reaching out through its Facebook page.
  • On that note, many families have become interested in owning ebikes whether for taking their children to school or getting groceries from a nearby store.

    Today, let’s talk about HATASU and where you can purchase their ebike models. 

    About HATASU ebikes

    HATASU is a mobility solution brand that offers five electric bike products ranging from two- to three-wheels.

    According to the brand, the models they sell here in the Philippines have been designed with their Filipino customers in mind. HATASU ebike’s local team share details — such as the country’s road conditions — to make their vehicles better suit the needs of their customers.

    These units can be found in Kservico stores nationwide and here is a walkthrough of our experience in our last Kservico visit.

    What to prepare

    Before heading to dealerships, ebike buyers are advised to prepare basic requirements to make their purchasing experience more convenient.

    Unlike in motorcycles and cars, the requirements needed to be prepared are not too complicated. Since ebikes (at least at the time of writing) do not require a license or registration, the basic prerequisites — for those planning to get a HATASU ebike through KServico’s available financing options — are usually just valid IDs, proof of income, and a barangay clearance.

    Folks from KServico stated that those paying for their ebikes by cash or credit card need not to present any requirement.

    Warm welcome

    Ebike shoppers will find themselves receiving the same treatment as those making other big-ticket purchases when visiting a KServico shop.

    Attendants at the KServico Marikina dealership center welcomed us warmly and led us to their sales expert to talk us through the purchasing process. During which, we were handed an easy-to-understand list of the HATASU models they carry.

    HATASU KServico by Juan Paulo Papa 1

    Should a customer find himself (or herself) on the fence, on-site KServico and HATASU representatives are more than happy to answer questions about the ebikes. These professionals are trained not only to courteously accommodate customers but also to truthfully answer one’s queries.

    Getting information like a model’s approximate range-per-charge, charging time, battery capacity, and speed were just some of the questions we threw at them, which they answered satisfactorily.

    And if that’s not enough, HATASU and KServico offer test drives of the ebikes they have available so buyers will get to actually experience how it feels like riding a capable and reliable electric two- or three-wheeler.

    Once a customer has decided on what HATASU model to take home, the same representatives will be eager to help place that order. A form will be filled out to finalize the purchase. Speaking of which, a customer may choose to pay by cash or finance the HATASU ebike, as we briefly covered earlier.

    Wait times for financing applications vary. But as long as one’s application has been approved and stocks are available, chances are a customer might drive a HATASU ebike home the same day. The same goes for those who will purchase their ebikes in cash or credit card.

    Customer preparation

    HATASU and KServico believe that prior to leaving the dealership, their representatives should prepare not just the actual ebike but also the customers who will use these vehicles on a daily basis.

    Dedicated personnel explain the functions of the ebikes, like their safety features, as well as how to operate them. Going beyond the information on the brochures, HATASU and KServico agents explain details like how to take care of the vehicle as well as some common tips to make the most out of every charge.

    HATASU KServico by Juan Paulo Papa 2

    Should issues arise, HATASU customers can reach the brand’s hotline or via their Facebook page. The customer also has the option of returning to the store of purchase, where trained HATASU sales coordinators as well as the dealers’ own trained mechanics can assist them with their concerns.

    HATASU KServico by Juan Paulo Papa 3

    Available HATASU ebikes

    KServico carries multiple HATASU ebike models. Out of the handful of nameplates on the former’s roster, we were able to test out two — the Nero and the Mako 2.

    HATASU Nero

    The HATASU Nero is a two-wheeled ebike that is lightweight and fairly easy to operate. On that note, it rides like a typical bicycle and requires little practice to get comfortable with.

    It is propelled by a 400-watt (W) dynamo motor and can reach speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour (mph). In the short time we spent atop the ebike, we noticed that power was enough to take one from point A to point B with ease. The throttle, in the case of the HATASU Nero, is responsive but not quick enough that it makes the unit jumpy.

    Powering the ebike is a 48-volt battery with 20 Amp-hours (Ah) with an estimated range of about 40 to 50 kilometers (km). The battery is small enough to fit the narrow body of the HATASU Nero. As a result, it proved itself to be an ebike that can easily get through tight roads, which is common in the metro.

    Its maximum loading capacity is 110kg.

    Overall, the HATASU Nero is a simple and straightforward solution for those looking to get into sustainable mobility.

    HATASU Mako 2

    The HATASU Mako 2, on the other hand, is an ebike best suited for those looking to seat more passengers or haul a decent amount of load.

    It runs on three wheels and can accommodate up to three occupants. Since it has wider seats with backrests for passengers to lean on, this model is a great pick for those who like to enjoy a comfortable stroll.

    The HATASU Mako 2 also has a roof and a windshield, which protects the passengers not only from the heat of the scorching sun but also from the rain.

    Power-wise, the HATASU Mako 2 uses a 650W differential motor to give adequate power to the beefier ebike model. In terms of acceleration, the Mako 2 — which can carry a total of 250kg — can be quick to move forward, allowing its riders to move at a faster pace on the road, even when carrying light groceries or probably their kid’s school bags.

    Like the Nero, the Mako 2’s top speed peaks at 25kph.

    Energy is provided by a 48V battery with 32Ah. Its estimated all-electric range is from 60 to 75km on a single charge, allowing its owners to cover longer distances.

    Like most three-wheelers, maneuvering with the HATASU Mako 2 will require some getting used to. But once you get the hang of it, the Mako 2 can prove itself to be a reliable and nimble ride that can answer most of its owner’s needs.


    The experience as well as the process of buying a HATASU ebike from KServico is simple and straightforward. On that note, the whole procedure can potentially be easy for almost anyone looking to bring home a sustainable means of moving around.

    HATASU KServico by Juan Paulo Papa 4

    Visit any KServico dealership near you or visit KServico’s official Facebook page to get great deals on select HATASU ebike models. Interested buyers may also visit HATASU’s Facebook page to learn more about their products and offerings.

    Photos from Juan Paulo Papa

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