Harley-Davidson submits patent drawings of a new engine

  • Apr 12, 2019

MANILA: Harley-Davidson has filed a patent for a new engine, which the company is currently working. The patent is registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Organization and consists of a few drawings of the engine.

Harley-Davidson water-cooled engine patent

Hovering over the design, it reveals that instead of an air-cooled engine, Harley-Davidson is working on a water-cooled unit. Obviously, this is not the company’s first of its kind, but it may be the one to go in a large scale production. We can expect that this initiative is taken to control emission.

As per the observation made from the design, the powerplant looks quite similar to the V-twin motor, which is employed on current Harley-Davidson two-wheelers. However, a closer inspection shows the connection of several tubes to the centre of the cylinders, which, in turn, suggests the presence of a water-cooling mechanism.

H-D Pan America

Prior to this, the company also filed a patent for the designs of three motorcycles. The designs showed the evolution of the company’s three prototypes, namely Streetfighter, Pan America, and Custom. The most interesting part of the designs is that two out of the three drawings include saree guards, which hint towards the Indian market.

upcoming Streetfighter, Pan America, and Custom

If the filing of the engine patent follows the patent for three motorcycles design is not a mere coincidence, then it can be said that the new engine may arm with the three models. However, all these things are no more than speculations, but who knows that the company may end up in putting the upcoming engine in its existing models as well.


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